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Week 1 Match Info

This is the current Week 1 (10/29/07 - 11/11/07) Schedule. All games must be played before 11/11/07 11:59PM EST. Team Captains should communicate with one another and decide on the best time and date for these games.

On the issue of maps in these matches, each opposing team will choose a map they would like to play, totaling 2 games played in this best 2 out of 3 play-style. Should a Tie occur, the Tie Breaker map will be chosen through a 'map toss'. The three maps for this weeks tiebreaker toss out are: q3wcp3, q3wcp9, and q3wcp15.

Remember, you must contact iCTF2k7|DeaD, or any of the referees with the decided upon date and time at least 24-48 hours before the match is to take place. This gives us a chance to announce the game and make sure a referee is available.

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