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Quake 3 iCTF 2008 Tournament

1.0 Tournament Structure

As of 10/29/07, the structure of this tournament will be Round-Robin!

1.1 Registration

Tournament registration is currently closed! (10/22/07)
Please register with your in-game name (alias), *and* your GUID (/pb_plist).

1.2 Teams

After registration, Ten (10) Team Captains will be selected, one per team. These team captains are responsible for: registering their team name, keeping their team informed, choosing maps, informing referees of absences, etc, but most importantly of all - Drafting his teammates and scheduling the matches.

1.3 Match Rules

This tournament is player with Slow Rail! The game style is Best two (2) out of three (3)! (The Finals will be best three [3] out of five [5] ) All maps will be played with a time limit of twenty (20) minutes, and a capture limit of ten (10). Referees MUST be present at each match. The team with the most flag captures at the end of 20 minutes will be declared the winner. Should the teams be tied at the end of 20 minutes, the match will continue through a sudden death match.

Generally speaking, matches must consist of at *LEAST* eight (8) players in play (4v4). However, if a team chooses to select a bigger map (see below - maps), it is usually suggested but not required for the teams to host a 5vs5.

The matches themselves will be hosted on the private iCTF2k8 servers. The only people allowed in these servers during the match duration will be the teams (players), any referees, and the GTV bot.

In the event of a server crash the map will be restarted. However, if either team scored before-hand, the map will be restarted using a time limit equal to the time that was remaining on the clock when the players were disconnected and the number of captures each team has made will remain equal to their score before the disconnect.

Captains are also encouraged to let each player present at the server play in at least one game during the match. (That team member probably came for a reason, not to sit and spectate.) If you encounter any problems (ie, team captain not putting you in to play) you should contact one of the referees as soon as possible.

1.4 Client Settings and Demos

All players should be using Quake 3 Arena Version 1.32 and OSP Version 1.03a.

Demos will be recorded at the match and posted on this site (the demo is usually following the flag carrier). Screenshots will be taken at the very end of the match and posted on this site under the 'Results' section. If you wish to submit your own screenshot or demo please email iCTF2k8|DeaD and it will be posted on the site as well.

1.5 Attendance and Scheduling

Once all teams are registered and drafted, the weekly schedule for teams will be posted on the schedule page. The Schedule will inform teams of which team they will be playing against and the current standings of all teams will be posted in 'Results'.
The actual scheduling of matches will be up to the opposing teams' Team Captains. This is to help each team decide what would be the best time and date to play each other, instead of forcing them to play on a certain date and time.

Each 'match' between teams have a pre-decided date in which they should be completed by. Once the teams have agreed upon a date and time, you should inform any referee as soon as possible to get the game going - as soon as possible.

Lastly, if any player or even the team captain goes missing, refuses to play, or quits, you should contact iCTF2k8|DeaD. It will be resolved immediately.

1.6 Maps

The maps to be played in this tournament consist of: Base Quake 3 CTF map Q3CTF2, OSP CTF maps, *ALL* 3-Wave maps, and the x3 maps (these can all be found in the files section). The 'best two out of three' gamestyle will allow for each team to play one of their favorite maps during the 'match' (the 2 or 3 games together).

Should a tie occur, the tie breaker will consist of a 'map toss'. Each week, three different maps 'to be tossed' will be posted on the schedule page. When the tie breaker occurs, each team will pick one of these three maps they do NOT wish to play, thus the tie breaker will be played on the map left over (the map no team chose 'not' to play).

1.7 Referees and Match Approval

Simply put, a match will not be official unless the teams schedule a time, inform us before hand, and have a referee present. Referees will be wearing the tag 'iCTF2k8|namehere'. They will be in charge of the screenshots and demos, but most importantly, 'overseeing' the match. They will be able to resolve any problem you have concerning: cheating, sportsmanship, maps, coming to an agreement, breaking of rules or anything else inbetween. If you are interested in becoming a referee, please post on the forum.

1.8 Prizes

Prizes (unlike last time) are TBA, but if I get any donations/have enough money at the end of the tournament, I hope to provide the winners (and last seasons winners, TEAM 8) with T-shirts!

1.9 Cheating, Sportsmanship and Rule Violation

Cheating, hacking, name calling, poor sportsmanship, etc, will NOT be tolerated. This will result in a ban from the server and/or getting your team disqualified. Anyone banned from AB for hacking (this does NOT include "behavior bans") will not be allowed to register. (

Rule violations will result in a warning but if the violations continue there is chance of team-disqualification. We expect at least SOME form of good sportsmanship!

Any other questions should be directed toward iCTF2k8|DeaD, and be sure to check out the FAQ.