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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly, is this a tournament for?

A: Go Here.

Q: Where can I get the OSP mod or download Maps?

A: Please visit the Files Page.

Q: Why bother starting a tournament for an 8 year old game?

A: Because Quake 3 isn't that great. Oh, and the iCTF community rocks.

Q: How many servers are you currently running?

A: We currently run servers in these locations: Dallas, TX - Atlanta, GA - Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA. Ip's can be found here.

Q: How can I become a referee?

A: You can visit the forums and read up about it!

Q: Where can I see a list of currently registered players and teams?

A: Team and player info can be found on the 'Teams' page of this site.

Q: What if one of my players can't make it to a match?

A: If one of your teammates is absent, this is no problem as long as you still have four (3) players to attend the match. If you will be missing two or more players, please contact me, the opposing team, or a referee to reschedule the match.

Q: Where re the iCTF2k8 servers located, and why can't I join them?

A: We have five iCTF2k8 servers; one is located in Chicago, IL - one in Atlanta, GA - one in Seattle, WA - and the other two in Dallas, TX. The servers are password protected to prevent the server from becoming too full(and to save money!). The password to connect to the servers is 'asdf'.

Q: Can I watch any of the matches?

A: Yes, each match will be broadcast using GTV and you can watch from there. The GTV IP address is: iCTF2k8 - GTV (|

Q: 'This one guy' is registered and playing in the tournament, but he is a known hacker/lamer/asshole. Why is he playing?

A: Please contact iCTF2k8|DeaD, an admin or a referee and one of us will look into this issue.