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Tournament Rules:
  1. Team captains are required to announce matches at least 24 hrs in advance, so that we can coordinate referees/GTV properly. Match announcements should be made public in the appropriate forum section.
  2. A referee or tournament organizer must be present at every match.
  3. At some point before the match (at least 15 minutes), representatives of the two teams, along with the referee for the match, should create and join a separate "match channel" in IRC, so that server selection and any potential problems with connections or anything else can be worked out before the match is scheduled to start.
  4. All players who show up for matches have to play at least one map. Teams that do not adhere to this rule automatically forfeit their match. If youíre one of those quakers whose ego wonít allow you to take your turn at coaching, then please do not sign up. Specifically, ALL coaches from the first map played HAVE to play the second map. If a player joins a match late, it is up to the team captain to allow him/her to play in the second map and/or tie-breaker.
  5. Matches are to be played with 4ís at a minimum. If both teams have 5 players available, 5ís will be played, unless both teams agree to play 4ís. If any player brings up or even hints at wanting to do 6ís, severe disciplinary action will be handed down.
  6. When selecting a server, teams should find a neutral server to play on. The ping difference should be 30 ms or lower between each team's ping average. If it is not, another server will be chosen, unless both teams agree to play on the server regardless of ping difference.
  7. Required client network settings: maxpackets 40-125; snaps 40; rate 25000; timenudge -20 to +1. Client network settings should not be changed during the match without notifying the referee. The settings should remain unchanged from the first game's warmup until the match is over.
  8. If one team feels a player on the other team is too "choppy", they should bring it to the referee's attention. If the referee agrees that the player is indeed too "choppy" and that may give his/her team an advantage, the referee may ask the player to sit. Any attempt, by a player, at making him/herself look "choppy" or "warping" to others may lead to a suspension or ban of the player if the referee has valid reasons to think it was deliberate.
  9. Each team is allowed one timeout per map. If a player lags out (999), his/her team will not be charged a timeout. The referee will pause the match and allow that player time to reconnect. If the player is unable to reconnect in a timely manner (in the referee's judgment) then his/her team's coach will take his/her place, and play will resume.
  10. Teams may substitute players between maps, or during a map by using their timeout.
  11. Games will not be paused should a coach time out, and will not be paused when the coach rejoins the server.
  12. All players must use the name they signed up under and be wearing their team tags at all times, for the simple reason that aliases increase a refereeís workload before and during a match.
  13. Ringers are not allowed. Player guids will be checked prior to the start of every match. Teams found in violation of this rule automatically forfeit their match. Furthermore, ringer(s)ís guids will be checked against the registered players list, if found to match any other player, it will result in a tournament ban.
Map exploits:
  1. Your team is discouraged from using map exploits. All games are demoed and in the case of a complaint, demos will be reviewed by the tournament organizers. Suffice it to say we do not look kindly on teams/players who use map exploits. If you have questions about what constitutes a map exploit on the maps to be played, ask the referee before the match starts.
  1. Any team that cannot field at least 4 players 15 minutes after the scheduled time forfeits the match. An announced/scheduled match can only be postponed if both teams agree.
  2. If a match is not confirmed during the match week, then Sunday 10pm eastern whichever team can field 4 players can choose to take the forfeit win. If neither team shows 4 players, both teams get forfeit losses (0-5 on both maps).
  3. Forfeits awarded for any reason are applied as a 5-0 win on both maps (10-0 total cap differential), and the opposite to the team which caused the forfeit.
Player replacements:
  1. A captain is allowed to replace a player on his/her team who is unreacheable for 5 consecutive days, or has consistently failed to show up for scheduled matches. Players who miss 2 matches in a row risk removal from the tournament. Please try to understand that people often clear out their real life schedules and make special arrangements in order to participate in these matches. If a situation develops that prevents you from committing yourself to set dates/times for your teamís matches, donít leave your team hanging and do let your captain know.
  2. All player replacements are done on a case by case basis by the tournament organizers.
  1. Abusive / sexist / racist remarks, putting down an opponent (or teammate) and excessive spamming will not be tolerated. If a referee tells you to cut it out, and you donít, you will be ejected from the server. If that leaves your team with 3ís, your team will have forfeited the match. Upon further review by the tournament organizers, a heavier penalty (including a tournament ban) could be applied to the offending player.
  2. Abusive language / disrespect toward a referee or tournament organizer, on or outside the match server, is grounds for an immediate tournament ban of the offending player.
  3. Participation in the Rail Wars Tournament is a priviledge, not a right. The tournament organizers reserve the right to deny that priviledge to any individual that is, by his/her words and/or actions, in any way infringing or threatening the good nature and spirit of the tournament.
  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, cheating will cause your computer to spontaneously combust and leave you with no means to further partake in this tournament.