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Final Words from the Tournament Organizers:
First and foremost, we'd like to congratulate Blue Team 4. We've been a part of this community for a long time now and up until recently, we've always kind of taken it for granted. We're glad we were able to give a little something back for the countless hours of fun and enjoyment the iCTF community has provided over the years. To the people that have been thanking us for creating Rail Wars and have offered words of encouragement along the way -- we appreciate it all, we really do. It's been a lot of work at times but we have to admit -- we've taken as much enjoyment out of participating/running this tourney as you have. Without the interest and dedication shown by you, the players, this would have never taken off the ground, much less come to such a successful end after seven weeks of intense competition. It has been an exhilarating couple of months, in a q3 sort of way... it was great to see the level of activity the tournament generated in the community. The sheer number of players who signed up for Rail Wars was a pleasant surprise to us, and we hope you will all stick around in iCTF for the next tournament (hint, hint:)

Thank you all again for participating. Long live q3 iCTF! :]

--Tournament Organizers--
9/5/07: Rail Wars Champion - Blue Team 4 ( ....)
We have our first Rail Wars champion after Blue Team 4 (....) defeated Blue Team 1 (onDRUGS!) 2 maps to 1. Each team won their own map in close games while the tiebreaker result on x3map03 was lopsided in Team 4's favor. Congratulations to both teams for making it to the Rail Wars final.

Blue Team 4:

arny (captain)
8/28/07: FINALS SET: onDRUGS! vs. ....
Rail Wars started with 12 teams in two conferences. We are now down to 2 teams from 1 conference. onDRUGS! the #2 seed in the blue conference will face .... - the #1 seed in the blue conference for the first ever Rail Wars championship game.

Last night, Blue Team 4 ( .... ) defeated Red Team 6 ( =6= ) in 3 maps, winning the tiebreaker - q3w5. This past Sunday, Blue Team 1 ( onDRUGS! ) defeated Red Team 4 ( RAWR ), taking both maps in close games.

Congratulations to both =6= and RAWR for making it all the way to the semifinals and good luck to both onDRUGS! and .... in the upcoming championship game!
8/21/07: Blue Conference Takes Allstar Game
Blue Conference pulled out a win last night against the Red Conference allstars winning 3 maps to 1. Check out the screenshots, demos and stats on the allstar page. GGs to all who played!
8/20/07: Quarterfinals Complete, Allstar Game Tonight!
In exciting match play, onDRUGS defeated (.Y.) in 3 maps, Blue Team 4 beat Red team 2, RAWR knocked off EGO and in the closest match of the night, =6= just squeezed by 666. Congratulations to all teams for great games played and making it this far.

Red or Blue? The allstar game will be played tonight at 10pm est. All players who made it are encouraged to attend.
8/14/07: Allstar Lineup
As stated in the beginning of the season, the players who will be playing in the allstar game are made up from the top two spots in each category on the stats page for each conference.** These players include the following:

Red Conference:

Decebaal (#1 returns, #1 defender) *
cdogg (#1 captures, #2 support) *
gizer (#1 support) *
llama (#1 accuracy, #2 kills) *
Killah (#1 kills, #2 accuracy) *
oTis (#2 captures)
n@nook (#2 defender)
doNdi (#2 returns)
Blue Conference:

ur (#1 kills, #1 defender, #1 accuracy) *
ArNy (#1 support) *
cold_ (#1 returns) *
id_ (#2 captures)
Defiance (#2 returns)
::X (#2 defender)
Prong (#2 accuracy)
zamboni (#2 kills)
* = indicates starter

The allstar game will take place on Monday, August 20, at 10:00PM EST. Maps will be voted on by the players. This match will be broadcast on GTV and uploaded to YouTube shortly after its completion.
8/12/07: Playoffs Begin!
The top 4 teams in each conference have made the playoffs. Congratulations to those teams. To the teams that did not make the playoffs, thanks for finishing up the season and we look forward to you guys participating again in Rail Wars 2. Seedings amd round 1 matchups can be seen on the playoffs page.
8/7/07: Week 4 struggles with inactivity
With one last match per team left, let's try to have every team make it this time - no forfeits. We will be replacing players who have been afk for 5 days or have missed 2 consecutive matches so teams will have active rosters going into the final week and playoffs.

It's now Tuesday so all captains should have a good idea when their match is going to be played. This is the last chance for teams to try to get into the playoffs or increase their seed in the playoffs.
7/27/07: Week 3 - Leaders Emerge
Week 3 saw its first couple matches the last couple nights with Red Team 1 picking up their first win by defeating Red team 2 in 3 maps. Week 3 also saw oTis' Red Team 4 (playing with only top 4 picks) remain undefeated as they knocked off Team 5.

The rest of Week 3's matches will be played this weekend.
7/20/07: Rail Wars in full-swing!
Week 1 has come to a close and we are currently finishing up Week 2 matches. Check out the schedule page to see how the teams have fared in Week 2 so far.

Players are encouraged to attend EACH match as there are only 5 matches played per team before the playoffs. THAT MEANS THAT MOST TEAMS ONLY HAVE 3 MORE MATCHES LEFT TO PLAY! We'd also like to remind teams that only the top 4 teams in each conference will make the playoffs.

Good Luck!
7/13/07: First Match Results In!
3 Matches were played last night and 3 match results are now in. Results can be viewed by going to the schedule section and clicking on each match link. There you can view screenshots and download demos of each game.

Current Standings have been updated and stats will be updated upon completion of all week 1 matches.
7/12/07: Tonight's Matches
Rail Wars competitive play kicks off tonight with the Tournament's first matches:

10:00PM EST :: Red Team 1 vs. Red Team 6

10:00PM EST :: Red Team 3 vs. Red Team 4

10:30PM EST :: Blue Team 2 vs. Blue Team 5

Matches can be viewed on GTV @ .
7/10/07: Start scheduling those matches!
The draft went very well last night and we now have 12 teams with 6 players each. Teams can be viewed here. Because we decided to extend the confirmation deadline in consideration for the holiday weekend, week 1 will be slightly shorter so teams need to start scheduling matches immediately. All Week 1 matches should be played by Sunday July 15. Please utilize your private team forums, IRC, and email to get these matches scheduled and played ASAP. Thanks!

--Tournament Organizers--
The draft will be held TONIGHT at approximately 8:30pm est. Confirmations and Registration will be closed by 7pm est. All captains are encouraged to attend. If a captain cannot make it, he must submit a prioritized draft list to a tournament organizers prior to the start of the draft. Draft results will be posted in the teams section following the conclusion of the draft.

--Tournament Organizers--
All registered players are required to confirm their place in the tournament by replying to the confirmation email. Confirmation deadline is Monday, July 9th 7:00 PM Eastern.

***Only confirm if you think you will be active throughout the tournament and able to go the distance (5-8 weeks depending on how well your team does).

***Players who fail to confirm by the above-mentioned deadline will be replaced and put on the waiting list.

Late registration (waiting list) remains open. Scroll down to register.

--Tournament Organizers--
6/29/07: 2 days = 1 site, 2 servers, 72 players
All 72 spots in the tournament have been filled, thanks to everyone that signed up! On Thursday, July 5, we will be sending out emails asking people to confirm their place in the tournament. Deadline for confirmation is Monday evening, July 9 7:00pm eastern.

Only confirm if you think you will be fairly active throughout the tournament and able to go the distance (5-8 weeks depending on how well your team does).

Late registration will remain open until July 9th as planned, however, once we receive 72 player confirmations, we will select captains and hold the draft. Everyone that registers after this point, as well as those that fail to confirm their place, will be put on a waiting list.

--Tournament Organizers--
6/28/07: Quake 3 iCTF Lives!
Welcome to the lastest tournament to hit the Quake III iCTF community, Rail Wars 1. Rail Wars is a league-style draft tournament for anyone interested in playing some competitive OSP iCTF. Rail Wars will feature 12 teams in two different conferences competing head-to-head in best-of-3 game matches. If you are interested in signing up, please read the rules before filling out the form below.
Nickname (to be used in matches):
Guid (will be checked prior to matches):
Email (will be kept private):
Interested in being a captain? Yes No
Interested in being a ref? Yes No