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Tournament Format:

  • Registration (open between June 28th, 2007 Ė July 12th, 2007)
  • Captain selection
  • Tournament draft and conference draw
  • Teams and season schedule posted
  • Season matches
  • Final season standings and playoff bracket posted
  • All-Star Game
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinals
  • Championship Match
Captain selection, draft, conference draw:

  • Rail Wars is a Quake 3 Arena, iCTF, OSP, slowrail, draft tournament.
  • Captain selection will be done by the tournament organizers (Defiance and Decebaal) from the registered players pool. Skill and familiarity with the past and current iCTF community will be considered when selecting a captain. We will do our best to spread the talent among the 12 teams.
  • The 12 captains will be invited to participate in the tournament draft, to be held on the agreed-upon date/time in a private IRC channel. The captains will then be randomly drawn to establish the draft order. Captains who are unable to attend are required to submit a prioritized list of all registered players. Tournament organizers will take the highest available player from these lists and place them on the corresponding team.
  • Following the completion of the draft, the 12 teams will be randomly drawn into two conferences, Red and Blue.

  • Each conference will be made up of six teams. The entire season schedule will be available prior to the start of Week 1. By the end of the fifth week (or sooner), all teams will have played five season matches each versus their conference opponents. Teams are encouraged to schedule and play their matches as frequently as possible (more than one per week is fine).
  • Season matches are 4ís or 5ís (see rules section), best-of-three, 20 minute per map with no cap limit. Tie-breakers are sudden-death elimination. Season maps will be predetermined, chosen by the tournament admins, and announced prior to the start of each match week.
  • At the end of the season, win/loss records will determine the final standings in each conference. In the event that two or more teams have identical win/loss records, cap differential (caps for Ė caps against) will be the determining factor in the final standings.
  • Top four teams in each conference advance to the playoffs. Bottom two teams are eliminated.

  • Playoff matches are 4ís or 5ís (see rules section), best-of-three, 20 minute per map with no cap limit. Tie-breakers are sudden-death elimination. Unlike season matches, playoff matches are to be played on maps chosen by each team. A coin-toss will decide the order in which maps are picked. Three tie-breaker maps will be selected for each playoff stage by the tournament organizers. Each team will be allowed to toss out one of the three maps; the remaining map will be played as the tie-breaker.
  • Playoffs will start at the Quarterfinal stage, advancing to the Semifinal stage and ultimately to the Championship Match. Playoffs are single-elimination, there is no losersí bracket.
Tournament Prizes:

  • Winner: A Quake 4 T-shirt (The Prize). 100% cotton, size XL, black, made in Suriname. The tournament organizers ask that The Prize cycle through the possession of each member of the winning team, just like the Stanley Cup. The last player in possession of The Prize is responsible for thoroughly cleaning The Prize and returning it to Rail Wars HQ. The Prize will then be put on display during the following tournament and ultimately be bestowed upon the next champion.
  • Runners-up: According to a tournament organizer who shall remain nameless, if you happen to live in or close to the North-Eastern Tri-State area and are willing to make the trip, the prize of kissing mentioned tournament organizerís ass will be awarded.
Tournament Sponsors:
  • Lol.