Just a reminder to those who have not yet signed up for the #Q3iCTF Draft Thing, but are intending to play....you have a little over 24 hours before registration closes, so don't wait! Click the Register button above and fill out the form. Check my article on CTF Zone for more information about the signup page.

Registration will close tomorrow night, Thursday, September 16th at EXACTLY 11:59:59PM EST (diz is such a coding fool, he's got it set to close automatically) so DO NOT WAIT if you still want to play!

At long last, the rules are posted! Click the Rules button above and get busy reading. Most of it is pretty straightforward stuff (several sections are very much like GotRail? and the scoring system is an adaptation of the one used by CTFx) but there is information about the format of the draft and the season you'll no doubt want to see, so check it out.

One last reminder: WE STILL NEED REFS! If you're interested in helping us out, message an op in #q3ictf.