Week 6 matches are complete and updated.

State Property is being removed from the league, basically for the same reasons as OSI. The few active players of that team will be placed back on the waiting list immediately to be picked up by a team still needing someone. Standings will be adjusted for those that have played state property already. Remaining teams will receive a bye week.

We have three weeks remaining in the regular season with 8 teams left. To have a successful playoff work we need these 8 teams to give it their all to finish. If you are in need of more people then please speak up now.

Please try and get match times in as soon as possible and there are more days in a week then Sunday people...we are trying to give this as much coverage as possible but it's pretty tough when everyone plays on the same night. I need time to make sure I have available refs. Also it is the captain's responsibility to notify us when they have their match channel set-up or a server picked out. If a team begins a match without notifying an admin or ref they will both receive forfeits. Refs are required for every match but in some situations I don't have enough ample bodies, in that case I will allow the match to be played without one but ONLY if myself or another admin has told the two teams there is not a ref for their match.

If anyone would like to help ref and/or gtv that is NOT ON A TEAM then please let me know. Thanks