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Troubled Waters
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The Q3iCTF Draft Thing will consist of 10 teams. Each team will consist of 8 players. All remaining players will be placed on a waiting list. These players will be available to any captain who feels one of their choices needs to be replaced; with approval from a league admin. The replacements will only be done during regular season.

10 captains will be picked by the league admins. On 9/23 the captains will be brought into a private channel with the admins. Captains will not be announced until their entire team has been chosen. It will be announced as Team A picks "name", Team B picks "name", and so on. Their names will then be put in d1zord3r's super sexy randomizer, which will determine the order that the captains pick:

For example: Round 1 will go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, then Round 2 will be 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and Round 3 will go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, and so on. Each captain will take his/her turn in selecting from the draftees.

Teams are not allowed to have more than 2 members of any one clan on their roster, including the captain.

This will all be presented to you live by noYdb from SBK Radio. Also announcements will be made in #q3ictf on enter the game and an article on CTF Zone will be posted that evening.

Regular season will begin October 4th and will consist of 9 weeks. Each team will play each other once in this time period. Seeding will be determined on a point system. A team has the possibility of earning these points per match:

  • 5 points - to the team that wins 2-0
  • 5 points - forfeit win
  • 4 points - to the team that wins 2-1
  • 3 points - to the team that loses 1-2
  • 2 points - to the team that loses 0-2
  • 0 points - forfeit loss

At the end of the 9 weeks each team will have earned so many points. This will determine their placement in the playoff bracket. In the event of a tie; each team will play one map against each other. The map will be chosen by the league admins and will be announced on the night of the tie breaker.


Playoffs will consist of 8 teams in a single elimination bracket. Seeding will be determined from their points in regular season.


Required server settings: Quake 3 PR 1.32; punkbuster enabled; pure server; latest version of the OSP mod (currently 1.03a)

Required Client Network Settings: snaps 40; maxpackets 40-125; rate 10000-25000; timenudege -20 to +1

Client network should not be changed during the match without notifying the referee. The settings should remain unchanged from the first game's warm-up until the match is over.


3-5 vs. 3-5 team play. Explanation: 3 vs. 3 will be played only if absolutely necessary and to avoid forfeits. 5 vs. 5 will be allowed if both teams agree.

Matches are won by the team who wins two out of three maps. The third map will be played only if needed. Each map will be 20 minutes with no capture limit and sudden death overtime enabled.

Two coaches will be allowed if server space permits. Only one coach will be allowed in a 5 vs. 5 match. The exception to this would be if we don't have room for GTV, a ref, and possibly someone to shout-cast the match.

Absolutely no spectators besides GTV, a ref, and SBK will be allowed on the server at any time during the match.

No aliases will be allowed. Play with the name you signed up with. This saves any hassles for the referees to determine your GUID before the match.

GUIDs are required to register. They will be checked once the referee joins the server. Please make sure you have the correct GUID listed or you will not be allowed to play. If your GUID is incorrect on the site, message an admin/ref immediately to have the problem resolved before the match begins.

Each team will pick their own map. If teams pick the same map, the teams will be informed of the problem, and if both still wish to choose the same map it will be played twice. Captains need to message the referee before the match begins with the map of their choice. Tiebreaker maps will be set before the beginning of regular season. MOTW will be posted on the website. A list of maps for teams to choose from will be provided before the beginning of the tournament. If both teams agree to a 5 vs. 5 match; a suitable size map must be chosen by both teams. Q3w4 and q3ctf2 are NOT suited for this kind of match.

Match weeks will run Monday - Sunday. Captains are responsible for contacting their opponent for that week and getting the date and time posted on the site as quickly as possible. Forfeits will be given to the team and/or teams that do not have matches played by Sunday night. If you have problems contacting the opposing captain, please notify an admin immediately so that the problem can be resolved. Log your conversations or emails with the opposing teams. (These have been useful in the past).

All teams and their players are required to record a demo of every match they play. Demos must be saved for a minimum of two weeks. At the request of the Refs or Admins, every player must be able to supply a demo of a previous match for review purposes. Failure to produce will first result in the offending player(s) being unable to play in their next match. A second offense will result in the forfeiture of the match where demos weren't provided. If a player gets disconnected from the game, they are required to continue recording upon reconnection. Any disconnected players that cannot reconnect and have a substitute player come in for them are still required to provide their demo if necessary.

A referee must be present for all matches. If for some reason one is not available, it will be the captain's responsibility to take demos and screenshots and upload them to the website.

Match Channel:
At least 15 minutes before the match begins each team must join a match channel with the referee to discuss server selections.

Start Time:
Captains need to make sure their players are on the server in a timely manner.

Server selection should start no later then the agreed upon match time. Server selection should take no longer then 20 minutes. If a server cannot be decided on during that period of time the ref will help pick and decide on a server for the match. Both teams have to agree on the server selection. Once the first game of the match is started it will be assumed that both teams have agreed on the server for the duration of the match. Switching servers is not allowed unless there are issues with the server itself.

There will be five minute breaks between each map and matches will be allowed five minute warm ups. The referee may force an "allready" if players/teams do not ready up on time.

Each team is allowed one timeout per map. If a player lags out (999) their team will not be charged a timeout. The referee will pause the match and allow the player time to reconnect. If the player is unable to reconnect in a timely manner (in the referee's judgment) then their team's coach will take their place and play will resume.

Player substitution can be made before and after a map. Player substitution can be made during a map in progress, if a player is having spontaneous connectivity problems or has crashed from the server.


Participation in the Q3ICTF Draft Thing is a privilege not a right. The admins reserve the right to deny the privilege to any individual(s) that are by their words and/or actions, in any way infringing or threatening the good nature and spirit of the league. This relates to general conduct, both inside and outside the league.

Players being abusive to the admins/referees or another player, flooding messages or any other conduct deemed to be disrupting the match by the referee will be removed from the server. If the conduct warrants it, the details will be passed on to an admin for review and possible punitive measures.

Remember this is a game, HAVE FUN, but also treat others, as you would want to be treated. :)


Map glitches or exploits that allow a player to be "outside" of a map or that give a player an unfair competitive advantage in game are not allowed. If you have any suspicion of a map exploit being used in a match, take screenshots of the offending player, play out the rest of the game normally, and then submit your evidence to an admin. If you have a question about whether a certain part of a map constitutes a map exploit, ask a ref or admin.


Cheating is not allowed under any circumstance; any player or team caught cheating will result in the immediate removal from the league. Cheating includes, but not limited to:

  • Client side bots
  • Wall hacks
  • Modified *.pk3 files
  • Ping maskers
  • Deliberate packet flooding of opponent or server

If you have any questions on the legality of any scripts or settings you use, please address them with an admin before the start of the match.

If you suspect a team or player of cheating, do not make accusations or comments until after the match is over, demos have been uploaded and you have had time to examine them and note times and instances in the demo where you suspect cheating. Immediately after the match, notify an admin or referee of the situation so they can help.