Today is the beginning of regular season. I have one match turned in so far and that's WAP! vs scc Wed, 10/6 @ 10 est. Captains please get your day and time in! Remember if your match is not played by Sunday night both teams WILL receive a forfeit loss and receive 0 points. If you're having conflicts scheduling contact an admin. Until the site is fully updated, I'll try to keep things posted here. MOTW is q3wcp15 (Industrial Revolution). Q3iCTF Draft Thing would like to thank i0n from ZTC Design, he has donated a server to be used for the league. Server is located in DFW. IP is: We will be trying to provide as much gtv coverage as we can throughout the week. GTV information will be posted in #q3ictf before the match begins. Again if you have any questions, please let an op in #q3ictf know. Thanks and Good Luck to all the teams! :)