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Overview & Rules

Following in the footsteps of the NRCTF League, NRiCTF has been created as a fun way for teams to meet and play q3ictf in a competitive, yet friendly environment. These rules are here to make that goal possible. The admins hope that we have very little intervention to do; if teams disagree, you can come here to find out "the word" on how a match should be run or ask us in #NRiCTF. Just remember to be patient, fair, and have fun. In all cases, if you think a team has broken the rules, cheated, or otherwise acted outside of the spirit of the league, let an admin know. Keep demos and irc logs and we will do what needs doing. You just worry about playing.

General Procedures

Players from each team should meet in an irc channel at least 15-30 minutes prior to the match time to finalize any match details. This is to ensure that there are no problems. Teams should join the server before the scheduled time so that any connection problems may be sorted out. No spectators are allowed on the server. Each team is allowed two coaches. If a player is on the server who is not a team member participating in the match or a staff member, the player should be asked to leave and an effort made to kick them if necessary. If a player drops from the server or suffers serious connection issues, then a substitute is allowed to join in. The coaches should be looked upon as the primary subtitutes, but players not connected to the server may substitute in, if done in a timely fashion. Other player substitutions should be made between maps.

All league matches should be completed in the week they are designated for in the schedule. In the event you feel your team needs an extension to complete a match, message an admin on irc, contact them via the forum and/or by email. Any match should be completed within one week of the designated range in the schedule at most.

League Format

This season each team will play each other team in their tier once. Since the tiers are limited to four teams per tier, the fourth week the teams from the even tiers will be playing the teams from the odd tiers in a top-down fashion. (ex #1 from tier1 plays #1 from tier2, etc) That week will be added to the schedule at the end of the second week. The tiers themselves were decided by the staff having each individually voting for where they best felt each team deserved to be seeded on a scale from 1-16.

Each regular season match will be a played out as a best of three series with a 20 minute duration for each map. The maps are designated for each weeks play by the schedule. A short break of five minutes is permitted between maps. Players may ready up and begin play before the five minute mark if they wish.

Each best of three series makes up a single match and is worth 1 point to the winning team. Each map is won by flag captures only, as determined by sudden death if necessary. There are no ties.

The maps should be played in the order specified in the schedule. Games should be 4v4 but in the event a team is short players, 3v3 is permissable if both clans agree.

Map exploits are defined by being "outside" of a map and are forbidden. If you are unsure of whether an area of the map is deemed "outside" ask an admin or ref previous to playing the match. Ignorance is no excuse. If you have any suspicion of a map exploit being used in a match try to take a demo and screenshots of the offending player, without disrupting play if possible. Play out the game normally, privately present the situation to a league admin and an investigation will be carried out.

Negative timenudging is permitted if both teams agree to using it before a match begins. Use /callvote timenudge_min -1 to enforce both teams are not using timenudging if it is not agreed upon.

Maxpackets should be set to 30 for all players on the server if a team contends the servers pings are too high to play. Use the command /callvote maxpacket_max 30 to enforce this if needed. This restriction is for ping comparisons only, and should be lifted before the match begins.

Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed, and punishable in this league. Extreme measures may be taken if a player or team gets out of line. This may include but is not limited to vulgar statements, taunting, and boasting. Penalties can range from forfeit to banning, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense.


This season the playoffs will be somewhat similar to however hockey works. The #1 team from each tier will be taking the 1-4 seeds. The #2 and #3 team from tier1 will be taking the 5th and 6th seeds. The #2 team from tier2 will be taking the 7th seed and finally the team with the best overall record, excluding the playoff seed teams 1-7 will be granted the 8th seed. In the event of any ties, cap ratio during regular season will be used to declare the winner. A regular 8 seed single elimination tourney style playoffs will commence after week4. Here's an example for those visual learners:

  T1 T2 T3 T4
1 A E I M
2 B F J N
3 C G K O
4 D H L P

Playoff Seeds
1) A (#1 team from tier1)
2) E (#1 team from tier2)
3) I (#1 team from tier3)
4) M (#1 team from tier4)
5) B (#2 team from tier1)
6) C (#2 team from tier2)
7) F (#3 team from tier1)
8) ? (best record from remaining teams; cap ratio to break any ties)

Team Rosters

Players are only allowed to play for one team in this league. Players should only use one name in the league and that name must be registered for the team they play for. Current team rosters are on the league site under rosters. Contact a league admin if there are any errors that need to be corrected on your team roster. Requests for team roster updates must be done in writing and can be officially made by posting your request at the sanctioned league forum or by email to a league admin to gaurantee it will be processed. If you wish to message an admin on irc to have a roster update made, this is also possible, however may not be gauranteed completely. A new player must be on the roster for 7 days before being able to play in a match. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a forfeit for each map that a team plays an unregistered or incorrectly registered player. Team leaders may check the player lists and bring any questions or discrepancies up to a league admin. Players may be barred from playing if their name does not appear on their teams roster. If a probationary player is the only player available to allow the match to commence, the opposing team may decide whether that player will play or 3v3 is to be played.


No cheating what-so-ever. This includes, but is not limited to wallhacks, autofire and aimbots. If any are detected to be in use then the player in question will be asked to leave the server and rectify the problem. If a player is proven to have cheated during a match, that players team will be disqualified for the season, so it is in every teams best interest not to cheat.

Player Names

'NameFun' (i.e. colored) names are allowed. Animated names are permitted if and only if the player name remains the same as what is stated in the teams roster. A players name should remain the same for the duration of the match. A players name should clearly indicate which team they are a member of. The format of this indication (e.g. clan tag prefix/suffix stated at registration of the clan) must be clear for every member of the team.

Overly abusive, sexist or racist names are NOT permitted. Any violation of this rule should be brought to the attention of a league admin, and proof must be shown as to who the violator was (via log, screenshot, or demo) and action will be taken at the descretion of the league admin. First offense is probation for a length of one match. Second and final offense is that the player is to be removed from the roster, and hence the league itself.

Server Selection

The server used for the weeks match must be negotiated and agreed upon by a representative of both teams. The server must have:

  • The latest q3 point release (currently 1.32)
  • osp 1.03a or greater
  • sv_pure 1 (pure server)
  • All three maps played for that weeks match.

Teams should try to find a server that geographically offers the most fair pings that are reasonably possible. A good rule of thumb is for teams to have within 20ms average pings if possible. In order to make the process of finding a server easier, it is recommended that teams meet in an irc channel 15-30 minutes before game time, that the players have some sort of server-finding utility such as autoping, meawping or all seeing eye, and above all that both teams are reasonable about the expected pings. In a west vs. east game, the average pings will probably be higher than in an east vs east or west vs west. With that said, not being used to a ping is not an excuse for not compromising.

If teams cannot agree on a server, the league referee may rule on a server or servers that offer the fairest possible match.

Once on a server, teams can warm up but should be ready to start the match within a reasonable period of time. Ten minutes is a good rule of thumb before starting. Undue delays in starting the match due to one team refusing to ready up when the other team has indicated they are ready to begin the match may result in a forfeit. If there are problems arising from a clan not participating in the match in good faith, then please contact a league admin with your complaint in writing and provide any screenshots, demos or logs to substantiate your claim.


Demos are not required, however it is highly recommended that everyone record demos regardless. In the event of any accusations, demos may be requested from any player at any time. Failure to produce a demo when requested to will result in one and only one warning. If the warned player fails to produce demos again, they will be promptly removed from the league. If a player disconnects from a server during player, it is expected that they re-issue a command to start demo recording from when they reconnected. Here are two console commands that players may choose from to use:

  • \cg_autoaction 31 - records demo, takes end of map screenshot and player stats; can be inserted in your config
  • \autorecord - starts recording a demo from when the command is issued until a \stoprecord is issued

Server Settings

In order to set up the server for a match, the teams can use the following osp commands. This list indicates the full list of required settings:

  • \callvote setctf map - sets up standard CTF default settings
  • \callvote timelimit 20 - sets the timelimit to 20
  • \callvote capturelimit 20 - sets the capturelimit to 20, the league maximum
  • \callvote instagib 1 - instagib is enabled

As stated above, teams can ask that timenudge is clamped to -1 during the match, and cl_maxpackets to 30 while pings are being compared only. After pings have been compared, cl_maxpackets should be within the range of 40-125 and rate should be within 15000-25000.


Teams are permitted one timeout per map.


This second season of NRiCTF referees are not required. However, if your clan insists on having a ref at the match, then please show some courtesy and inform a league admin via irc, email or the forums at least 48 hours prior to match time, to ensure a referee can be arranged. Last minute matches may be provided a referee, but only if one is available. Here are some of the basic commands involved with refereeing from the osp documentation.

Reporting Results

Screenshots are required for all matches but do not need to be sent to the league admins. Both clans should take end game screenshots to ensure that they can be provided to one of the league admins in case there has been a contention made about the outcome of a match. Either team may report the results of a match. If your opponent is slow at reporting the results of a match, message an admin on irc and provide screenshots.

League admins will have final say on all league matters.

This page may be updated without notice, as the staff sees fit.

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