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Match Results

Week 4 (Details)

Matchup Map Score
Eternal Killing Machines vs Our Connection's Interrupted w2 7-6 -=OCI=-
ctf2 8-1 EKM
cp5 5-3 EKM
fathorse vs American Bushido w2 frft- fh
ctf2 frft- fh
Fear This vs Xtreme Railz w2 frft- FT
ctf2 frft- FT
Merchants of Destruction vs Pandora's Box w2 frft- MoD
ctf2 frft- MoD
Pure Logic vs Red Star w2 1-0 r*
ctf2 3-1 )pL(
cp5 7-2 )pL(
plaguedRails vs Zero Population Growth w2 6-1 -pR-
ctf2 3-0 -pR-
Rail Gun Burns vs Prophets of Rage w2 2-1 RGB
ctf2 4-1 RGB
Clan x13 vs Infin1te w2 5-1 x13
ctf2 4-2 -8-
cp5 2-1 x13

Week 3 (Details)

Matchup Map Score
fathorse vs Eternal Killing Machines cp18 5-1 fh
osp2 6-1 fh
Fear This vs Merchants of Destruction cp18 9-2 FT
osp2 8-1 FT
Pure Logic vs Pandora's Box cp18 frft- )pL(
osp2 frft- )pL(
Prophets of Rage vs Our Connection's Interrupted cp18 frft- PoR
osp2 frft- PoR
plaguedRails vs Xtreme Railz cp18 2-0 -pR-
osp2 2-0 -pR-
Rail Gun Burns vs Infin1te cp18 6-2 RGB
osp2 5-3 RGB
Red Star vs Zero Population Growth cp18 5-4 r*
osp2 2-1 r*
Clan x13 vs American Bushido cp18 8-6 x13
osp2 9-3 x13

Week 2 (Details)

Matchup Map Score
Infin1te vs Eternal Killing Machines cp14 3-2 EKM
cp5 10-1 -8-
cp9 17-1 -8-
American Bushido vs Prophets of Rage cp14 4-0 =AB=
cp5 4-3 =AB=
fathorse vs Rail Gun Burns cp14 5-3 fh
cp5 3-2 RGB
cp9 6-2 fh
Pure Logic vs Xtreme Railz cp14 5-0 )pL(
cp5 8-1 )pL(
plaguedRails vs Pandora's Box cp14 frft- -pR-
cp5 frft- -pR-
Red Star vs Fear This cp14 6-1 r*
cp5 6-0 r*
Clan x13 vs Our Connection's Interrupted cp14 10-0 x13
cp5 9-0 x13
Zero Population Growth vs Merchants of Destruction cp14 2-0 ZPG
cp5 8-1 ZPG

Week 1 (Details)

Matchup Map Score
American Bushido vs Our Connection's Interrupted cp1 13-0 =AB=
w2 12-1 =AB=
fathorse vs Infin1te cp1 6-3 fh
w2 3-2 fh
Pandora's Box vs Xtreme Railz cp1 6-3 XR
w2 2-0 p[]
osp2 3-2 p[]
Pure Logic vs plaguedRails cp1 9-3 -pR-
w2 4-2 )pL(
osp2 2-1 )pL(
Rail Gun Burns vs Eternal Killing Machines cp1 9-4 RGB
w2 9-0 RGB
Red Star vs Merchants of Destruction cp1 10-0 r*
w2 4-0 r*
Clan x13 vs Prophets of Rage cp1 7-2 PoR
w2 3-2 x13
osp2 3-2 x13
Zero Population Growth vs Fear This cp1 9-3 ZPG
w2 5-1 ZPG
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