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This week had all four matches go down. pR > x13 [cp18 9-0, cp5 5-1], fh > ZPG [cp9 7-3, cp1 1-3, cp18 3-0], r* > FT [cp18 4-5, cp1 3-2, cp9 10-2] and pL > RGB [cp9 17-0, cp18 12-1].

pL vs pR
r* vs fh

Good luck to the remaining teams!

dalvian (03/26/2004)


Finally the playoffs are here. Sorry for the delays on this one as a few last minute details needed to be worked out. XR have been faced with roster problems, so will be replaced by FT for playoff purposes, since they're next in line from top-to-bottom.

(pL vs RGB) vs (x13 vs pR)
(r* vs FT) vs (fh vs ZPG)

Refs are mandatory for the playoffs and so is giving us 48 hours notice. Please keep this in mind when you begin scheduling. Each team will be picking their own map. The higher seed team picks which color they want and gets first toss for determining tiebreaker. The tiebreaker is, of course, tossing maps from the 8 map list, minus the two maps that the teams already picked. The lower seed team gets to decide what order the first two maps are played in. If anyone has any questions, hit us up on #NRictf on ETG.

dalvian (03/17/2004)

Lengthy Update

Suspensions! This one will be long winded, but I'll summarize at the bottom. There's been enough banter over on the zone over the fh/EKM match as well as many others. Here's the official word on that. cp18 and osp2 have areas of the map that players can get suspended over. As it states in the rules, if you don't know if it's off limits, ask a ref or admin. Since nobody thought to do so before their matches, we were somewhat lenient in that if a ref SAW someone using one of those areas during the match, they were warned not to do so again. Anything that was brought up after the fact, gets the gift of 1 week suspension. Shr4pn3l and milkman are suspended for their Week4 matches and NOT able to play. For those matches, I'm requesting that refs be present, just to ensure this decision is enforced.

Schedule change!! Due to the overwhelming antics over cp18, it has been replaced with ctf2 for the Week4 schedule. Just to clarify, cp18 has NOT been removed from the maplist, we just didn't feel it was in the best interest of all clans involved to go through that again two weeks in a row.

Shoutcasting coverage!!! SBK are again requesting that any matches that clans wish to have shoutcasted, please give us more notice so we can arrange for the coverage you deserve. 48 hours notice would be nice, but if you can't meet that, request anyway. Sometimes last minute shoutcasts ARE possible. Each clan should clear it with their opponent before coming to SBK or for some of the larger profile matches, we the staff will ask each team and get the go aheads. This has been brought up because we don't want any clans to feel they have no say on the matter. If you don't want a shoutcaster present, speak up. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to fully cover the semi finals and finals.

Breaking the ties in the standings!!!! Some folks have started to ask this and I believe I covered it in a previous news post, but cap ratios will be used to determine who sits exactly where in event of ties in the standings. This will be the most important for determining which lucky (can anyone say wildcard?) clan will make the 8th seed.

As usual, questions can be directed to any OP in #nrictf and for your castration needs visit #SBK on ETG. :D


  • Shr4pn3l and milkman are suspended from Week4 play
  • fh vs EKM will not be replayed
  • cp18 was replaced by ctf2 in Week4 schedule
  • clans can request there be no shoutcast for their match
  • cap ratios will be used to break ties in rankings
  • dalvian (03/11/2004)

    Finally Caught Up! CP18 FINAL WORD!!

    For those unaware, Scancode has revealed through the grapevine that the "bunker" area on cp18 wasn't intentional. Exploit is an overused term, but it applies in this case, for wording in the rules. Anyone caught using this place on the map (or the dbox noclip curvey wall) will face 1 week suspension or worse if they're smart enough to do it repeatedly.

    The week4 schedule remains unchanged as the standings I predicted are now in place. Any questions over how this schedule was generated, come slap me around on irc and I'll answer you when I can.

    dalvian (03/07/2004)

    Schedule Update : Week 4

    The schedule has been updated with the week 4 matches. There is one missing result from week 2, so when XR vs pL gets played the div1/div2 matches may be changing slightly.

    Due to inactivity, Pandora's Bos has decided to pull out. They do have a few interested players and despite the recent roster lock, the staff took up a vote and have decided to allow them the opportunity to play for any team they want. The only rules we must insist upon in this unusual situation is that no more than one p[] member joins any one team and they must be added by tonight at midnight EST. Either way, best of luck to all the teams and to p[] as we all know they always come back!

    I'm still working on the screenshots and demos page, so look for that over the next few days.

    dalvian (03/01/2004)
    Week 2 Update

    Everything is going smoothly thus far. It turns out we do have a replacement for T4E, welcome team Infin1te, who will be taking their spot in Tier #3. They'll be catching up with us by completing both their week 1 and 2 matches this week.

    Rosters will be locking at the end of this week, more specifically would be Saturday at 12:00am EST. After a staff discussion at the end of this week we will determine the week 4 schedule of the season so keep checking back for that. After week 4 we will commence to play-offs but more info on that will be coming later on. Oh yeah, if anyone wants SBK to shoutcast and/or GTV your match you'll need to make sure you let me or SBK|Gabriel know when your match is 48 hours ahead of time so we can notify SBK, they are looking to get on some matches this week.

    Goodluck and have fun to all clans in Week 2!

    shecksy (02/26/2004)

    Week 1 Update

    Season Two is indeed underway as a few matches have now been completed and others are scheduled to happen later in the week. Due to real-life issues T4E has decided they will be too inactive to play in the league and pulled out. Because we are unable to find a replacement clan at this time we are awarding FatHorse all the rest of Tier 3 clans a BYE week... and that is how the cookie crumbles!

    shecksy (02/20/2004)

    Season Two Begins!

    The season opened yesterday and clans can now officially start playing their matches. Upon completion of matches make sure someone from the winning team sends the screenshots from the match to an OP in #nrictf so that results can be recorded into the database on the website. Try to complete the matches during the week they are set for. Goodluck and have fun =)

    shecksy (02/16/2004)

    Schedules Posted

    Schedules are now posted and league is set to begin on the 15th. Please start scheduling your matches and make sure you check out the maps of this week.

    This season refs will NOT be required for matches, they are only by request so if you insist on having someone ref your match please make sure you msg an op in #nrictf at least 48 hours ahead of time to make sure you do get one. If you request one at last minute there are no guarentees that one will be available so have the courtesy to notify one ahead of time. Please be sure to complete all your matches within the week they are set for. Once you have completed your match the winning team should provide an admin with the screenshots so that results can be recorded into the database of the site. In the meantime, goodluck to all clans in week one.

    shecksy (02/13/2004)

    Registration Closed

    Clan Registration ended on Sunday and thank you to all the 16 clans who have joined us for our second season of NRiCTF. All clans have been sorted into 4 tiers based on seedings of NRiCTF staff members. Because we did not get the 18 teams we were hoping for we're gonna be doing the tier deal a bit different this season, and I also wanted to make the season a bit shorter than last season so there will only be 4 weeks of regular season this time and approximately 4 weeks of play-offs making the entire season about 8 weeks around (permitting your clan makes it to play-offs or not). Tier and play-off information will be posted under the rule section once all written out and throughly explained, please make sure you read them.

    Polls are still open until tomorrow, once they close we will be able to officially determine schedules so keep checking back for that and if you haven't voted yet than please head over to the forums and do so. Thanks!

    shecksy (02/10/2004)

    Polls Open

    16 clans are in the bag so far and Registration will close in 5 days so if you haven't joined yet but are looking to than make sure you shoot me a message on IRC with your clan details. Polls have now been opened for the clans who have signed up which enables them to vote on what maps they wanna see in this season. Make sure you direct your clan to the forum to have them vote if you want some say in the maplist. You must be registered to the forum to vote, polls will close on the 11th of Febuary and the top 8 chosen maps will be embedded into the season.

    shecksy (02/02/2004)

    Registration Open

    Welcome to Season 2 of NRiCTF! Clan registration is now open and clans are welcome to sign-up, just go to #NRiCTF on and msg shecksy providing the following information...

    - Your clan name, tag, website and IRC channel
    - Your clan roster - There is NO limit
    - Your clan leaders and their e-mails
    - 5 servers your clan likes the best. This was a new idea I got from ricrod to help the process of server selection, and that everyone has an idea ahead of time what servers their opponent likes.

    After providing this information you will be added to the Roster section. Registration will end Febuary 7th at 12:00am EST. Rosters changes can be made up until mid-season. Any member added to your roster AFTER the season has started will have to wait a week before they are able to officially play. We are aiming for at least 18 clans this season.

    shecksy (01/28/2004)

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