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Alienware - Ultimate Gaming PC




GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  08-09-2004

Congratulations to the iCTF winners Nightmare Xtreme and the iFT winners Section 8.  The 1st place winners in both leagues are receiving a 14 slot Quake 3 gaming server from GameDaemons. (www.gamedeamons.net)  GameDaemons provided 5 Quake 3 iCTF servers and 2 Quake 3 iFT servers for GotRail in Season 3.

GameDaemons is running a special right now.  For a limited time only, individuals can get their own 16-man private server for $50.00/month ($87.50 value) or 16-man public server for $99.00/month ($140.00 value). Recall that all servers come with HLTV, auto-demo recording and storage, webspace, emails, and much more controlled by our kPanel technology. All this is offered to you and will stay at that price as long as it is kept current.  --- mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  07-18-2004

Congratulations to our GotRail? Season 3 iCTF Champions: Nightmare Xtreme!!!!! They survived a long match earlier tonight, which went three maps, and took 91 minutes of game time to complete! GGs to both teams, to Destiny and dizord3r for the GTV supPoRt, and to Easter for the shoutcast. Here are the results:

Screen Shot ::  q3wcp15   2-1 nmX (with 30+ mins OT!!!)
Screen Shot ::  x3map03   2-1 FT
Screen Shot ::  q3wcp5   6-0 nmX
Voodoo Stats
:: q3wcp15 :: x3map03 :: q3wcp5
Demo1 :: Demo2

The leaders of the top 3 iCTF clans (nmX, FT, pL) will need to get in touch with Mimic to arrange the shipping of your prizes.

The season is over, and I'd like to thank everyone who played this season, especially those who perservered through the entire regular season. I'd also like to thank my fellow admins: Destiny, uRGONE, d1zord3r and scYn, and also to the entire iFT staff, for making this season a great one. Many thanks to Mimic for making this all possible for everyone in the first place. And much gratitude to the sponsors and other organizations that helped us do this thing: SBK Radio, for their shoutcasting and GTV supPoRt; Speakeasy, for their constant supPoRt of the Q3 community; GameDaemons, for the great match servers and website supPoRt; and to all our other sponsors. GGs everyone, and thanks again!!! --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  07-18-2004

Tonight's the big night! Don't forget that our iCTF Championship is tonight at 10:00PM EST, and will feature #1 Nightmare Xtreme and #7 Fear This battling it out with the GotRail? Season 3 Championship on the line. Check in #gotrail before match time for specifics on GTV and SBK. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  07-09-2004

Congratulations to #7 Fear This for pulling out a win in last night's Lower Bracket Final!!! They advance to the Championship Round, where they will need two victories over nmX to claim the title of GotRail? Season 3 Champions. The championship pairing is a rematch of the very, very close Upper Bracket Final a few weeks back...and this time, the clans can pick their favorite maps, so it really could be anyone's game. All the usual information regarding how to watch the match will be posted here, and available in #gotrail, as soon as we receive it.

Congratulations and GGs are also due to our 3rd place finishers, #2 Pure Logic for narrowly missing a return trip to the GotRail? finals. Well-played, guys, and best of luck to you down the road.

It's almost over, and it should be an exciting finish! Best of luck to nmX and FT! --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  06-30-2004

Many thanks and GGs to our 4th place finishers, #6 YinYang!!! #2 Pure Logic defeated them last night by scores of 9-1, 0-1 and 4-0. Congrats to pL as they advance to the Lower Bracket Final, which will be a rematch of their 2nd round loss to #7 Fear This. You'd better believe that pL wasn't happy about the two lopsided map losses they suffered at the hands of FT before, so the second time around promises to be a very entertaining game. Look in #gotrail for scheduling and GTV information. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  06-24-2004

Congratulations are in order for #1 NightmareXtreme, as they narrowly escaped with a 4-5, 2-1, 2-1 win in last night's Upper Bracket Final. It was a hard-fought match...one map featured more than 10 minutes of OT, and the number of viewers on GTV reached 60 by the time the 3rd map began. Despite their valiant effort, FT drops into the Lower Bracket Final, where the will face the pL-69 winner. As always, you can check here, and in #gotrail, for more info on dates/times/GTV/life/etc. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  06-22-2004

The iCTF playoffs are now down to the last four teams! The Upper Bracket Final will feature #1 NightmareXtreme and #7 Fear This. A spot in the GotRail? 3 iCTF Championship is at stake, and the match will be played Wednesday, June 23rd at 10pm est!!! (That's tomorrow night.) Check in #gotrail at match time to get the lowdown on GTV.

Also taking place this week, but not scheduled as yet, is the 4th-place match in the Lower Bracket, and the teams involved are #2 Pure Logic and #6 YinYang. The loser finishes 4th, and the winner advances to face the nmX-FT loser in the Lower Bracket Final next week. Should be some great matches, come check them out! --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  06-11-2004

Congratulations to the new GotRail? iFT Champions, Section 8!!! They completed an undefeated run through the playoffs with wins of 30-10 and 21-16 in the Championship last night. Congratulations also to BullShooters, the 2nd place winners.

Many thanks to all teams and players that participated in this first season of iFT in GotRail?, and kudos to all of the staff, especially BiTTeR_IvY and Gypsy, for their hard work in making it happen. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  06-08-2004

The iFT Championship matchup is set, with Upper Bracket winner Section 8 facing Lower Bracket winner BullShooters! The Championship match date/time will be posted here and in the topic of #gotrail once it has been determined. Congratulations to both teams, and to the GotRail? iFT 3rd-place team: Devils Minions!

Week 4 of the iCTF playoffs has begun, and there are now only 8 teams remaining. Check the iCTF Brackets for the matchups, and check in #gotrail for more info on dates/times/GTV/etc. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-31-2004

As those of us in the U.S. observe Memorial Day today, GotRail observes the start of Week 5 of the iFT playoffs, and the Lower Bracket Final between dm and BS is set for this Thursday night at 9pm est. The winner will advance to the Championship Round, where Section 8 already awaits them. GL & HF to our remaining iFT teams!

Week 3 of the iCTF playoffs is now underway, and this week features just the Lower Bracket, with four matches on the schedule. The next matches for the Upper Bracket take place in Week 4, and use the Week 4 maps. Those matches CAN be played this week, if the teams choose to do so, but are not required to be completed until the end of Week 4. Remember also that each week runs from Monday to Sunday now, instead of the Sunday-Saturday format used in the regular season.

Questions about the playoffs or anything else GotRail-related can be directed to the admins in #gotrail, or on the website forums. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-26-2004

With the first season of Instagib Freeze Tag winding down, we have our Upper Bracket winners.  Congratulations go out to Section 8, who have advanced to the Championship match.  The winner of dm and BS will advance to play Section 8 while the loser will be the iFT 3rd place winners. 

Once we have all our winners, I will need the clan leaders to e-mail me at mimic@gotrail.net.   Please remember that, because of the size of some of the prizes, it will be the responsibility of the clan leaders (or whoever the prizes are being shipped to) to pay me for the shipping.  I will accept check or money order only.  Prizes will not be shipped out until the shipping fee is paid for.  I will need a mailing address to calculate shipping charges. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-21-2004

Just an early reminder to all clans...the end of next week (Round 2 of the iCTF playoffs, Match L in the lower bracket for iFT) is also Memorial Day weekend, and like any holiday, there's always the possibility of people having other obligations. It will be business as usual for GotRail?, so if you need to schedule around that weekend for any reason, get your matches scheduled early! As always, message an admin in #gotrail with questions. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-15-2004

The iCTF playoff brackets are posted here, complete with seedings of all 16 teams. In most cases, seeding was very straightforward...the higher-tier teams got the better seeds, usually, though we did make a few exceptions. Because of their strong performaces in Tier 2, xTc and FatHorse were elevated above YinYang, which had no wins in Tier 1. And, for their solid showings in Tier 3, infinite and EKM were moved ahead of x13 and core, both of whom had rough seasons in Tier 2. 

However, there were a few ties that needed to be broken...the top 3 teams and the bottom 3 teams. In each case, the tie was broken by adding up the total number of maps won and lost in the games between those three teams. For example, the top 3 teams were nmX, pL and wsc. nmX defeated pL 2-0, pL defeated wsc 2-0, and wsc defeated nmX 2-1. In those three games, nmX was 3-2, pL was 2-2, and wsc was 2-3, and they were seeded accordingly. The same method was used to determine seeds 14-16 between Ru, [D] and sKc. 

The maplists are already posted with the brackets. Remember also that the playoff schedules will run Monday-Sunday, unlike the regular season. Start scheduling your matches as soon as possible, and we'll get underway on Monday the 17th.

If you have any questions, message one of the admins in #gotrail. GL and HF to all 16 teams!!! --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-11-2004

Playoffs will begin Monday, May 17th. It will be an 8-week double elimination including all 16 remaining teams, with seedings determined by tier and winning percentage. In the event of a tie it will be at the discretion of the admins to determine those seedings. The seedings will be finalized and posted once all matches for week 7 are completed. The playoff schedule will run from Monday-Sunday each week. All other rules from the regular season will be enforced. Playoff maps through Week 7 have been set. In week 8, before the match begins, the final two teams will each pick a map of their choice and the referee will determine the tiebreaker map. Please remember that we use the x3 maps...make sure your teammates have them downloaded before the match is scheduled to begin. You can find the playoff bracket here. On the bottom of the web page you will see a tab for Upper (bracket) and Lower (bracket). Good luck to everyone! --- Destiny


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  05-04-2004

Congratulations to the 8 teams that have made it to the iFT playoffs; U92, TAZ, Section 8, eE, dM, qE, bS and RGB.  The playoffs will follow a double elimination format.   Once you have received 2 losses, you will be disqualified from the tournament.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive prizes for their hard work. 

Remember, all prizes that are shipped are the responsibility of the team leader or co-leaders to distribute amongst the team.  All shipping cost will be paid for by the leader or co-leader.  If you want further information about this, e-mail me at mimic@gotrail.net --- Mimic

EDIT: The iFT brackets initially posted have been changed. Destiny has sent out emails to all the teams notifying them of the changes.


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  04-26-2004

Also on the subject of map exploits...while there is generally no debate about its legality, players should remember that the "wall glitch" on ospctf2, like the q3wcp18 window area, cannot be used during a match at any time. Deliberate use of that location by any player during a match, no matter what the circumstances, will result in a one game suspension for that player.

Best of luck to all iFT players finishing up their seasons this week, and to all iCTF players as they enter the home stretch of their regular season. --- Requ13m


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  04-26-2004

Welcome to week 5 of GotRail?  The iFT league ends this week with playoffs starting next week.  The playoff bracket for iFT will be posted later on in the week.  There has been a lot of talk about the window behind the flag on q3wcp18 - Future Crossings.  The window behind the flag is OFF LIMITS!  If you are found using that spot, you will be suspended for one game. 

If the referee sees a player(s) using this spot during the game, the referee will speak to the offending player(s) after the game.  For some reason the referee does not see a player(s) using the window behind the flag but the other team does, let the referee know after the game and submit a demo and or a screen shot showing the offending player(s).  The league administrators will review the demo and or screen shot to see if the window was used.  There are only 2 more weeks of iCTF league action going on until the playoffs.  Good luck to everyone playing.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  04-18-2004

Both Railgods and RedStar have been let go from iCTF league due to lack of participation.  The schedule has been updated for bye weeks.

Today starts week 4 and I bet a lot are wondering, what are the prizes.  Listed below are pictures of the prizes.  A huge thanks goes out to Xoxide (www.xoxide.com) for the donation of computer cases, ATA cables and memory heat sinks. 

In the past seasons I have shipped prize packs to the leaders for free.  This year, because of the size of some of the prizes, it will be the responsibility of the clan leader or who the prizes are being shipped to to pay me for the shipping.  I will accept check or money order only.  Please do not worry about this now since the leagues are still running.

Besides such prizes as an 14 man public server for 3 months free from Game Daemons (http://gamedaemons.net) for both the iCTF and iFT leagues and a case of BAWLS (www.bawls.com) for both leagues you can win some other great prizes.  Pictures are below.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  04-15-2004

Team Star has been let go from the iCTF and iFT league due to lack of players and forfeit losses.  In the iFT league, Death Enforcement Agency has dropped from the league.  Both Railgods and RedStar will be let go from the iCTF league this week if they give up another forfeit loss to their opponents.  Any team that was supposed to play Team Star will not receive a win or loss and the tiers will not be changed.

Remember matches are to be played the week they are scheduled for.  There will be on exceptions and both teams will receive an forfeit loss.  The RG vs. nig? week 2 match still has not been played and must be done by April 17th or both teams will receive a forfeit loss.  Week 3 matches are due by April 17th as well.  Any week 3 matches that are not complete by April 17th will be forfeit losses --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  04-08-2004

Because of the holidays, GotRail is going to allow teams to have an extension on the matches.  If you have not already played your match this week, you may play it next week but both Week 2 and Week 3 matches must be completed by April 17th or you will receive a forfeit loss.   We will only give extensions due to holidays.

Also, try not to wait till Thursday night to play your match.  It seems that is a popular night for most teams and we are not able to GTV every match.  The site has been updated with this weeks results. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-31-2004

Game Daemons has informed me of a special promotion they are running for today only.  Any one that orders a new server from will get 21 days free added to their account.  Game Daemons is located at www.gamedaemons.net

The site will be updated this week with screen shots, voodoo stats and demos of week 1. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-26-2004

Both the iCTF and the iFT tiers and schedules are up.  The 3rd season starts this Sunday and matches must be played in the allocated timeframe.  Please read the rules for more details.  Remember you must give a 48 hour notice for any matches being played.  To rePoRt your match times leave a post in the forum section. Please state which ladder you are on, and the date and time of your match.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-24-2004

MEET THE STAFF!  Learn a little bit about the people that make GotRail? run.  Click here to meet the staff.
(I will have everyone signature tags up shortly.)

The maps, schedule and tiers will be posted on March 26th.  Remember you must have players GUID keys turned in for them to play.  Only ONE GUID key per player.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-21-2004

GotRail? is starting in one week from today.  Please make sure to turn in your GUID keys if you have not already done so.  Just log and update your team information.   

The server links have been updated.  You can now watch a game and join using the q3plug in.  You can download the q3plug in here.  A huge thanks goes out to d1zord3r for setting up the server pages.

IceMat (http://www.icemat.com) is returning as a GotRail? sponsor for the upcoming season. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-19-2004

GotRail? along with Game Daemons is proud to present the new GotRail Servers.  All the servers are password protected.  The public server password will be provided.  If anyone wants to use any of the private servers for matches or scrimmages, please talk to an GotRail Administrator. - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Dallas freezeDT - private - password: ask staff - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Atlanta freezeDT - public - password: asdf - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Chicago OSP - private - password: ask staff - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Ashburn1 OSP - public - password: asdf - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Ashburn2 OSP - private - password: ask staff - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? NYC OSP - private - password: ask staff - www.GameDaemons.net / GotRail? Dallas OSP - public - password: asdf

In League news, both iCTF with 24 teams and iFT with 12 teams are full.  We do have a waiting list incase a clan would drop before the season starts.  You can place your team on the waiting list by e-mailing the administrators at admins@gotrail.net --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-17-2004


PITTSBURGH, PA - March 17, 2004 - GotRail.net, premier online Quake 3 tournaments, today announced an agreement with the Game Daemons to provide hosting services.

GotRail, an up and coming Quake 3 online league, caters to the community as one of the premier online Quake 3 tournaments for some of the highest talented gamers.  GotRail will be using Game Daemons key infrastructure for hosting its website, spectator, and gaming services.  Game Daemons will be entering into a new arena as it expands its services to the Quake 3 community. 

"As we begin our third season at GotRail, our popularity and overall demand has increased dramatically," said Jennifer Billing, head admin for GotRail iCTF & iFT Quake 3 Tournament.  "We sought a solid sponsor that was large enough to handle our growth and popularity.  With Game Daemons being the largest provider with the most reputable record here in the U.S., we felt that this was the absolute best decision for our league." 

As part of the agreement, Game Daemons will be providing the hosting environment for GotRail's website, game servers and GTV servers.  "GotRail is a relatively new league that is deeply involved in the Quake 3 community," said Michael Mings of Game Daemons.  "We have been searching for quite some time to find an organization that is completely dedicated to the Quake 3 industry and its players.  With GotRail, we believe that we have that." 

GotRail and Game Daemons officials expect the launch date to be March 28, 2004.

About GotRail? iCTF & iFT Quake 3 Tournament
Founded in 2003, GotRail is the first tourney of its kind to ask clans to turn in GUID keys that are assigned from PunkBuster. PunkBuster is an anti cheat program designed to prevent wall hacking or any type of cheat enable codes. PunkBuster takes the Quake 3 CD key and assigned a "special key" or GUID key that keeps track of players' information. The administrators and referees use the GUID keys to make sure that no clan is using a ringer or that the player has not been banned from a server due to cheating or un-sPoRtsman's like conduct.  GotRail is hosted by players throughout the Instagib community.

About Game Daemons
Game Daemons provides high performance game server hosting for competitive online teams throughout the United States. Founded in 2001, Game Daemons has grown to become the premier hosting solution for gamers serving over 2000 clients. Built around a solid foundation, Game Daemons has provided fast, stable, low latency servers since its inception. Game Daemons was also the first game server provider (GSP) to evolve a web based game server administration tool giving customers an easy, straightforward way to configure and manage their server. With professional supPoRt and unmatched technical expertise for the most popular online games, Game Daemons is the solution for serious online gamers.

Press Contact: 

Game Daemons
Jonathan Burton 


Jennifer Billing 




GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-17-2004

The iCTF League has opened up to 24 teams and is full once again.  We do have a waiting list for any clan that wants to participate in the league if a team were to drop before the season starts.  To be placed on the waiting list, please e-mail the admins at admins@gotrail.net

*It is NOT the responsibility of the GotRail? Staff to modify teams.  If a member is playing on team and choose to leave that team to play for another, the clan leader has to remove the member from the roster.*

Team -element- has decided to merge with x13.  Team no insta guant? will be taking the spot.  To see a complete list of teams, click here iCTF Clans.

Announced today, Xoxide (www.xoxide.com) has signed up to become a GotRail? Season 3 sponsor. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-13-2004

The iCTF League has a waiting list for any clans that wants to participate in the league but were unable to do so.  The league my reopen to add additional clans if there is enough interest.  To be placed on the waiting list, please e-mail the admins at admins@gotrail.net We do already have a few teams on the waiting list.

The iFT League has open spots remaining for any teams that wants to sign up.  Please remember to turn in your GUID keys.  This can be done by going to any server that has Punk Buster enabled and typing in the following command "/pb_plist"  All GUID keys must be turned by the start date of the tourney.  There will be no exceptions.

Players and clans that are looking for team members, please read the forum.  We have started a thread for players that want to play in GotRail but are not on a roster. There you can find the list and give a few extra players a home.  Players that are not on a team yet are allowed to make a team and be placed on the waiting list. --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-10-2004

Sign ups were not even open for 48 hours and we have already filled the iCTF league.  We have received the limit of 16 teams and have a waiting list going.  If you did not sign up your team but are interested in joining the iCTF League, send an e-mail to admins@gotrail.net

The iFT league is still open for clans to sign up.  The mod is FreezeDT and a special thanks goes out to Dayen Tech for all of his help.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-08-2004

Both iCTF and iFT sign ups opened last night and we already have 11 of 16 clans signed up for iCTF.  2 clans are signed up for iFT out of 12.  If the response is large enough for iFT, we will open the league to 16 teams.  The iFT league is now going to be iFT using FreezeDT instead of OSP.  This change was made today and I am sorry for any confusion it might have caused.  The rules for iFT have been updated to reflect this change.

Announced today, Thermalright (http://www.thermalright.com) has become a GotRail? Season 3 sponsor.  Also announced today, BAWLS (http://www.bawls.com) is returning for the 3rd season.  --- Mimic


GotRail? Season 3 iCTF & iFT League ::  03-07-2004

Welcome to the new GotRail? League website.  A lot of things are going on over here at GotRail?  To start, I wanted to say congratulations to Pandora's Box as they are the Season 2 Champs.  Pandora's Box has now taken both seasons of GotRail.  Pure Logic came in second place with Xtreme Railz in third place.  All league prizes will be sent out this week to the winners.

Now on to season 3.  Sign ups for season 3 are being delayed a day or two because of last minute changes to the sign up script.  Once the sign ups start, information will be posted here on the site.  Most of the links are up and running on the new site.  I will be adding the maps for each league this week.  Make sure to read the rules as they have been updated for the upcoming season.  --- Mimic


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