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Congratulations Pandora's Box!

Earlier this evening, the fate of champion was decided as p[] faced pL for the finals. The hands-down crowd favourite dived into their map pick and pulled off an 11-4 win.

Not being strangers to shrugging off a bad game, or a bad map as some on GTV were trying to convince others of, Pure Logic stepped up their game and did an impressive lockdown on their map pick 2-1.

Playoffs just aren't the same without a tiebreaker, so the fans sure weren't let down! I wasn't able to witness the "utter domination" as I think I heard Easter, SBK shoutcaster, say on the shoutcast, but I'd wager a hell-of-a-lot of pushes had something to do with the 7-1 victory.

Congratulations to p[] and runners up pL for proving that at this point in this ever-aging online game, those who stick with, prevail!! For a quick interview after the match, click here. Special thanks to the staff for pulling through this season and SBK Radio for providing the fans with their beloved GTV and streams!

Screenshots: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

dalvian (11/13/2003)


It's the moment everyone's been waiting for (okay, so I've been waiting for it). p[] vs pL as the final match of NRi! Best of luck to both teams.

dalvian (10/30/2003)

Semi-Final Action!!

Pandora's Box played exceptional games Monday night to sweep Plagued Rails in the first half of the Semi-Finals. Who will face off for title of champion and crawl away with knowing they're second best? Paradise Los--- err Pure Logic plays oM3n for the shot at dethrowning the Kings of insta.

dalvian (10/29/2003)

Round 2 of the Playoffs!

That's right folks, the semi-finals have arrived! It won't be long before the champ is crowned and we thank SBK for their continued support, shoutcasting and GTVing these exciting events. Here are the final four teams and who they play:

pL vs oM update: pL won 5-0 on cp14 and 3-2 on cp1
p[] vs pR update: p[] won 3-0 on cp14 and 3-2 on osp2

dalvian (10/19/2003)

Website Back from the Dead! PLAYOFFS!!

First off, congrats to all the teams that made it this far. I'll need to know if all the teams listed below are able to commit to playing these last 1-3 weeks worth of matches, because if not, I'm sure there's a few active teams from regular season who didn't make the top eight who would love to play more games.

The matches will be same as regular season, except each team picks their own map. Both teams insert their choices in the match chan topic and the higher seeded team picks whos map is played first. If the tiebreaker is required, the ref will outline the process on determining the tiebreaker. I assure that most of you haven't seen it done this way before and I expect half will whine and half will think its great. It works well for CTF that's for sure.

Match1 = nmX vs pL update: pL won 5-0 on cp14 and 4-3 on cp18
Match2 = p[] vs h0 update: h0 forfiets ;0
Match3 = ZPG vs pR update: pR won 7-1 on cp9 and 3-2 on cp14
Match4 = MoD vs oM update: oM won 12-1 on ctf2 and 7-3 on w3

Match5 = WinnerOfMatch1 vs WinnerOfMatch4
Match6 = WinnerOfMatch2 vs WinnerOfMatch3

Round3 (FINALS):
Match7 = WinnerOfMatch5 vs WinnerOfMatch6

And for those inquisitive minds, yes, I have backed up the site recently in the event of any future problems, we'll have a backup in place in no time. Happy fragging!

dalvian (10/04/2003)

Regular Season coming to a close..

As we all sit and wait for the teams to finish their matches, I thought I'd throw up a date of Oct 3 as a deadline. Any matches played before then will count; the rest are void. There will be one week off before the playoffs start. For those unaware of the NRi system for playoff map picks, each team picks a map and if there is a tiebreaker required, the ref randomly selects 10. One at a time, the maps are revealed and each team captain says yay or nay to it. The first map that both captains say yay to is the tb or the 10th one; whichever comes first.

dalvian (09/22/2003)

Spankings Abound.

Due to their conduct during a recent dispute, Railgods have been removed from NRiCTF. The standings have been modified to reflect this change.

dalvian (09/14/2003)

Another one bites the dust.

Core has decided to pull out due to inactivity. Also long over due for an official post, No Remorse has also dropped for the same reason. Good luck to the remaining teams as we wind down in the final month of regular season play.

dalvian (09/03/2003)


Quakecon has come and gone and so has the interest in Q3 for some players. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, eh? Those of us who are in it for the love of the game have some matches to finish! Week6 is almost done. Here's a reminder on the format of the playoffs as it a month away:

Match1 = Tier1Clan#1 vs Tier1Clan#4
Match2 = Tier1Clan#2 vs Tier1Clan#3
Match3 = Tier2Clan#1 vs Tier3Clan#2
Match4 = Tier2Clan#2 vs Tier3Clan#1

Match5 = WinnerOfMatch1 vs WinnerOfMatch4
Match6 = WinnerOfMatch2 vs WinnerOfMatch3

Round3 (FINALS):
Match7 = WinnerOfMatch5 vs WinnerOfMatch6

Until next update, happy fragging. As always, any questions can be directed to myself or shecksy.

dalvian (09/01/2003)

Back to the grind!

We have been pretty laid back about the Week5 matches getting completed, so consider this a "cracking of the whip". I expect to see all Week5 matches at least scheduled by this weekend, with some Week6 matches following. Rosters are officially locked, so good luck to all teams as they face one another for the second time in the second half of this season.

dalvian (08/19/2003)

Delayed Matches due to Quakecon

Congrats to all those teams who have finished up their Week 4 matches. We are well on our way to half done this season. This next week or two will no doubt be the hardest as we doggy paddle our way up the waterfall known as Quakecon.

Teams will be given some extra time to fit their next week or two worth of matches in, as obviously some team and their players will be sucked into the Quakecon madness.

For all the fans, this will mean that most likely there will be very little chance of any GTV. We'll see how it goes.

dalvian (08/11/2003)

News and stuff

For reasons explained in the forum, Ai has decided to depart us aswell. They have been replaced by EKM. Team Prodigy seemed to die and has been replaced by cbx.

One last friendly reminder that August 17 at 11:59pm EST is the deadline for any last roster changes.

dalvian (08/05/2003)


For reasons that will be explained in the forum shortly, 69 has been removed from the league and replaced by 12th. I'm too tired and fustrated to go into much more details than that at this time. Oh and expect all the news to be much shorter as apparently nobody read my last one which contained many important details.

dalvian (07/30/2003)

Week 2 Starts!

Looks like all but one Week1 match has been completed, with the last being tentatively scheduled for this Wednesday. Please get your Week2 matches scheduled asap. This is the last week I'm willing to let clans repeatedly schedule their matches late. After this week, each clan may schedule one match later than the schedule dates shown, but only if their following week's match is scheduled within the given time period. Two weeks of poorly schedule matches is NOT permitted. I am being very strict about this one aspect to ensure the whole season doesn't fall behind. I'd also like to invite any eager clans to go ahead and schedule matches early at any time. Don't wait for the schedule dates to arrive if you and your opponent are willing to take the bull by the horns and get ahead of the game. For those unaware we do have Quakecon just around the corner and although I will extend the week that will be effected by it, clans do have the chance to play their games early so as not to fall behind.

Here are a few notes about reffing and their duties. Having a ref present for your match is a previlege, not a right. If you make any sudden changes or schedule your matches without notice, be prepared to reschedule if a ref is not available for your match. At least 24-48 hours is a common courtesy I expect from all teams, when possible. Exceptions can be made, let's just hope they are on the less busy nights.

A ref is also not responsible for time outs. If a ref happens to notice someone having connection issues, it is at their liberty whether or not to pause. Teams are allowed up to TWO coaches, which also have the ability to pause. Teams are allowed up to TWO pauses per map, excluding connection related issues. Please reserve pauses for emergencies and don't abuse this previlege aswell.

There is a rule of no split servers I would like everyone to keep in mind. This is mainly to speed up the match process. There are two ways to go about the server selection process. One is in the hands of the players, agreeing to a fair server; the other is leaving the selection partially up to the ref. Each team captain (or match appointed captain) suggests their teams favourite THREE servers (also keeping in mind geographic factors in the case of east vs non-east, etc) and the opposing captain picks ONE out of the opposing teams list of favourites. The teams and ref then join each of the selected servers and the ref (or teams if they agree one is obviously more even than the other) chooses the more even server. Also note that when comparing servers, please only have your starters join the team so the team averages are not skewed. Coaching or speccing any extra players helps in this type of selection process. If this process is abused in any way, teams will be warned once. If an east team plays a west team and only suggests east servers, that is considered an attempt at abusing the rules in your teams favour and will not be tolerated. Take the extra minute or two it would have taken to socialize with your opponent if you are unfamiliar with the geographics of their members.

A special thanks goes to all the players and teams for their patience and dedication to the league. We're working hard to get the site back up on and I will let all the team captains know via email once this has been done. I am also working on a means for which teams will be able to report their match results online, with an ETA of mid-season.

dalvian (07/21/2003)

Polls closed - Schedule Under Construction

Team contacts should check their email as I have sent out some information I will need before the schedule can be completed/updated with the correct tiers. I am setting a deadline of Thursday for a final copy of the schedule to be up, so it should give everyone ample notice for scheduling their week1 matches.

Check out the schedule page over the next few days as the maps portion of the schedule has been completed and will be posted shortly. The dates for when matches are due by and for what week will also be up in a jiffy.

Everyone check out the rosters page to ensure you team members are all accounted for. Any additions can be sent to myself or shecksy via email or irc.

dalvian (07/08/2003)

Registration Close, Start Date Released!

With 18 teams signed up, registration has closed, however we encourage more teams to let us know if they would like to be added to the waiting list. Any teams who drop during the first two weeks of regular season play will be replaced by the waiting list clans.

The season starts Monday, July 14. Please vote in the forums regarding the tiers, length of season and most importantly the MAPS! These polls close July 6 @ 11:59pm EST.

Teams should check the roster page to ensure the information there is accurate, as once the season starts, any additions to the members of any clan take 7 days before those players are eligible to play. Let me know if there's any corrections that need to be made.

dalvian (07/02/2003)

Registration closes tonight!

Registration closes tonight at 11:59pm EST. If you wish to make it in before this deadline, come to #NRiCTF on ETG and message any of the staff.

After registration closes, we will create a waiting list. Depending on how many teams in total we have, the length of the season may be slightly altered from the ones presently being voted for in the forum. If you haven't already, head over to the forum, register and place your votes!!

The website was experiencing difficulties for the past 24-48 hours. I've been assured precautions have been taken to ensure this doesn't happen again. The rules page is still under repair.

dalvian (06/29/2003)

Registration Open!

Welcome to the latest and greatest in iCTF action. If you would like your team to participate in this exciting season we have planned, come to #NRiCTF on and tell dalvian or shecksy. Clans have until Sunday, June 29th at 11:59pm EST to register.

If you are a teamleader or player who plans on participating in this season, please take a few moments and register for the forum via the link on the left. PLEASE NOTE: Yahoo and Hotmail or other free addresses are "banned" by default as a security precaution. If you have no other email address to submit, let one of the staff know. Once registered, you will be able to voice your opinion in the polls which aren't far away.

dalvian (06/21/2003)
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