Tournament Format
Each team will follow a schedule provided by HRAIL. The top 8 teams out of the 16 teams competing will proceed into the playoffs. The playoffs will be played in a bracket style format. The teams placement in the bracket will be determined by their record. 2 All-star teams will be formed before the playoffs and will play during the All-Star break.

Teams should find a neutral server to play on, if no neutral server can be found or agreed upon, then a two server match may be played. If a two server match is played, each team will play their map on their server of choice. If the two server match ends in a tie (one map a piece) then the tiebreaker will be played on the server where the average pings are closest.

Matches will be 4 vs 4 only.
Matches are the best two out of three maps.
Each team will pick a map of their choice to play.
If a tiebreaker is needed, the ref will notify the players of the map for the tiebreaker match.
Each map will be 20 mins with sudden death enabled so there are no ties.
An admin must be present to referee each map to ensure there are no problems during the match.
There can be 1 team spectator per team in case of a timeout.
If a timeout occurs the referree will pause the match and let the substitute hop in.
If a ref happens to miss a timeout (to make Twex happy) coaches can call timeouts, refs can't catch every single issue in the matches.
Teams may substitute between maps or whenever there is a possible timeout.
Matches are to be played the day they are scheduled, the time is determined by the clans.
There will be no talking, other than team communication, during the match once it has begun.
If a team speaks to the other team during the match in a degrading tone, that player will be suspended from play for 1 match.
If that player does it again during the tournament he shall be suspended for 3 games.
A third time that player is banned from tournament play.

q3w1 - Bloodlust
q3w2 - Courtyarn Conundrum
q3w3 - Finnegans Revenge
q3w4 - Bitter Dungeons
q3w5 - Gospel Crossings
q3w7 - City Crossings
q3wxs1 - Silly Railings
q3ctf1 - Dueling Keeps
q3ctf2 - Troubled Waters
q3ctf3 - The Stronghold
opsctf1 - White Noise
ospctf2 - Crossed Paths
q3wcp1 - Japanese Castles
q3wcp4 - Schadenfreude
q3wcp5 - Shining Forces
q3wcp6 - Devolved
q3wcp7 - Dynatron
q3wcp9 - Spider Crossings
q3wcp10 - Crude Crossings
q3wcp12 - Mostly Harmless
q3wcp14 - Camper Crossings
q3wcp17 - Divided Crossings
q3wcp18 - Future Crossings
q3wcp20 - Vampire Crossings
q3wcp23 - The Vast and Furious

The servers that are chosen must have the following:
Q3 Latest Point Release
Punkbuster Enabled
Pure Server
OSP Latest Version
Timenudge no lower than -20

HRAIL will not tolerate any form of misconduct or cheating. If you feel the other team is not conducting themselves in an acceptable manner (ie. rude behavior, derogatory comments, cheating) please save it til after the match and let the admin reffing the match handle the situation.