First off I want to apologize for the tourney not finishing out. I, RedLotus, had some unforseen problems which I have summed up more or less into the apology which you can find here. Please if you are interested in forming another which will be much more organized and one that wont be as long nor as busy let me know by coming into #hella and expressing your opinions.

Railing Llamas have dropped as well has abuse....RL disbanned and abuse has become very busy and will not be able to play with such a hectic schedule thanks for both for spending time on the tourney.

Down to 2 undefeated teams should be interesting to see these 2 play one another. Thank you for the great turnouts so far in the matches we havent had any forfeits yet. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

The Blue Machine has dropped from the tournament and has been replaced with Railgods. All rosters were locked at 10pm cst on Jan 11th. Please dont ask to add anyone or remove anyone from your roster. GTV servers and shoutcasts will be used on various matches and all clans will get exposure to it. Please thank Short Bus Kids radio for the shoutcast.

The admins and I have have come to an agreement to set the timenudge limit to -20. After a lengthy discussion we have concluded it would help the tournament as a whole to have this setting. If you have any questions please contact me about this. I will also be putting the rules back up tonight.