Well I am back...its been a long road and I was rather sick. One day I was sitting at home with what I thought was the flu. It got to the point where I almost couldn't breathe and I was really weak, come to find out after a visit to the doctor I had contracted pneumonia. I was on a breathing machine for some time roughly about a week to help me breathe. It was a pretty tough time for me..and sadly enough I was hoping the tourney was continuing. Well after I got out of the hospital and was able to get back online I was had to get my connection back up. After all was said and done I finally made it back.

Sadly enough, I found out the tournament did not finish. I had bought prizes for the tournament and still have them to this day.

I just wanted to write this and do 2 things. 1) Apologize to the clans involved and hope that they don't regret their joining the tournament I greatly regret I had to leave, but such is life at time. 2) I wanna apologize to the q3 insta community for letting you down. This tournament had one main goal and that was to gain repect for a strong and enjoyable mod and bring more attention to Q3 instagib got those that have yet to even try it. If there is enough interest generated I can put the tourney back into gear and form a season 2 and have things formed into a better tourney than before. Better organization...better format and more fun. Let us hear from you in #hella on enterthegame.com.

Once again my apologies to you all.

Shawn Bowman