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Got Rail? iCTF Quake 3 Tourney :: Sponsorship Area Info
Quake 3 Arena

Why should your company sponsor our Tourney?
Sponsoring a Tournament event is a great way to promote your product to the very people who actually buy it.  An average event will probably have anywhere from 50 to 200 players. You have a guaranteed targeted market towards anything related to gaming including; games, computer parts, energy drinks, case modding, network products, etc. In return for your sponsorship, we'll put a graphic and link to your site from our main page and on our sponsor page and we'll keep a page up promoting you as a past sponsor.

What do we look for in a sponsor?
Appropriate donations should be something that is computer related, preferably related to multiplayer computer gaming in some way (i.e., 3d video cards, sound cards, speaker systems, headphones, network cards, hubs, case mod components, etc).  If you would like to give us a mouse pad or t-shirt to give away, we would appreciate that also.


If you or your company would like to sponsor us, please contact us with the details!




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