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Quake 3 Arena: Got Rail? An iCTF Tourney
Quake 3 Arena

Rules updated 5-23-03

Each team will be allowed ONE time out per map excluding if a player goes 999. The team MUST tell the ADMIN that they want a timeout; a team is not allowed to do it their self. Failure to follow the rules can be grounds for disqualification of the match.

The tourney dates are as follows:  May 9th,  last day for a clan to sign up for the tourney.   May 11th,  last day you can make changes to your roster and turn in players GUID keys.  All players MUST turn in their GUID key to play in the tournament, there will be NO exceptions.  15 players is the max number allowed on a roster.  May 12th, schedules will be posted and clans are asked to set up their matches.  May 19th, GotRail? iCTF Tourney starts.

Clan leaders are responsible for contacting an admin in #GotRail to set up a time/day to get GUID keys.  All clan members must be wearing clan tags when the admin is getting the GUID keys.  Please ask an GotRail? admin for more details.


Each team will follow a schedule provided by Got Rail?. Teams will play once a week, Monday thru Friday.  The tournament will last for 8 weeks.  You will be able to add up to 15 members to your roster as desired until a closing date.  After the roster is closed, you will NOT be able to add any more members.  


Teams should find a neutral server to play on, if no neutral server can be found or agreed upon after a reasonable effort, then a two server match may be played.  If a two server match is played, the teams will play their map on their server choice.   If the two server match ends in a tie (one map a piece) then the tiebreaker will be played on the server where the average pings are closest.

In order to have your GR? match broadcast by GTV, the server you are playing on must have a PB variable set to allow the GTV client to stay connected (since it's technically a 'bot'). This variable is a 'mask' which means it will match as much as possible from left to right.

From PB Server Guide
PB_SV_Specname - If a special spectator client "bot" is used on the server, this setting should hold the player name corresponding to that client so that the PB Server will know this is not a real player; if the player with this name ever has a non-zero score, the "special" status is lost

From PB for Q3A FAQ
How do I set up my PunkBuster server to allow GTV clients? Set the pb_sv_specname PB Setting to the first few letters of the playername used by GTV clients that will connect. That way, the PB Server will keep the connecting GTV clients in SPEC status as long as there is 0 score for that "player". For example, add 'pb_sv_specname GTV' to the pbsv.cfg or pbsvuser.cfg file in the server's home "pb" folder.

So, if a server has 'pb_sv_specname GTV' set, GTV clients with the names 'GTV-NewDome' and 'GTV-Speakeasy' will both be able to stay on the server. If a 3rd GTV client were connected with the name 'MyGTV' it would be kicked after just a few minutes.

Note: 'GTV Client' in this case refers to the GTV server connected as a client to the Q3A server, not to be confused with spectator clients connected to the GTV server itself.

Match Format & Settings
Each team is allowed ONE timeout per map.  999's do not go against your timeout.
No players are allowed to compete for more than one clan.
A clan will be allowed one team in the GotRail? Tourney.  Multiple teams are not permitted.
A team must have a minimum of 5 players on the roster in order to play.
Matches will be 4 vs 4 only with one spectator.
The coach will be your substitute in case of a 999, so choose your coach wisely.
If a clan doesn't have enough members to play the match then they will automatically forfeit and receive a loss for the match.
Players not listed on the clan roster will not be allowed to substitute if a clan does not have enough players.
Matches are won by the team who wins 2 out of 3 maps.
Any clan caught using "ringers" will automatically be disqualified from the tournament.
Each team will pick a map of their choice to play.
Each map will be 20 minutes, no capture limit and sudden death enabled so there are no ties.
If a tiebreaker is needed, the map will be posted each week.
An admin must be present to referee each map to ensure there are no problems during the match.
If a timeout occurs the referee will pause the match and let the substitute hop in.
Coaches can call timeouts, if the referee misses the call.
Teams may substitute between maps or whenever there is a possible timeout.
Matches are to be played during the week they are scheduled, the time is determined by the clans.
The servers that are chosen must have the following:
Quake 3 Latest Point Release (1.32)
Punkbuster Enabled
Pure Server
OSP Latest Version (1.03)
Timenudge no lower than -20


General Procedures
Each players GUID key will be needed prior to the start date.  If a member of your clan is a GotRail? admin, please discuss this with him.  All other clans need to talk to p[]-uRGONE so all players GUID's, can be properly logged.

All teams are asked to join the IRC channel #gotrail for their games at least 15minutes before the kick off time. This is to ensure that there are no problems, that an admin is available and usually teams will be asked to join their server before the scheduled time so that connection or other problems may be sorted.  If a clan is not prepared to play after 15 minutes after the agreed upon time they will automatically forfeit and receive a loss for that match.  It is both clan's responsibility to set up a time and date for when a match will take place.  A GotRail? admin MUST attend every match.  Clans must have the following weeks match scheduled by Friday of the previous week so schedules can be posted each Sunday.

Teams are allowed 1 spectator on the server. This spectator can either be a normal spectator or be coach invited, it is teams own responsibility to speclock their side using the appropriate OSP command.  Games will not be paused should a spectator / coach time out, and will not be paused when the spectator / coach rejoins the server. If a player drops from a side the game will be paused ONLY if the team requests it.  If 2 or more players from one side drop then the game will be paused by the match admin. A scorebot will be available in irc in #gotrail to relay scores to people on IRC.


This tourney is intended to be a competitive yet sporting event. If a clans actions mean that the good nature & spirit of the GotRail tourney is threatened or infringed upon then that clan may be punished and results may be changed to correct this. This relates to general conduct, both inside and outside the tourney, as participating in this tourney is a privilege not a right and if we have good reason to feel clans do not deserve that privilege then they will be punished or removed. This also extends to actions involving individuals of the clan and teams as whole, if we feel that the actions of a clan or individual within the tourney is against the idea of fair competition (e.g. the losing of matches intentionally) then action may be taken to correct this.

Abusive, sexist or racist names are not permitted.

There will be no talking, other than team communication, during the match once it has begun.  Players being abusive to an admin or player, flooding messages or any other conduct deemed to be disrupting the match by the admin will be removed from the server. A substitution will not be permitted. If the conduct warrants it, the details will be passed to the Head Admin for review and possible punitive measures.


The prize structure will be announced at the start of the tourney.  Clan Leaders will bear the responsibility of dividing up any prizes between their clan; the prizes will be sent to the leaders.

Though we have 6 vendors that have confirmed sponsorship, thus far I have received prizes from only 2 companies as of 4-27-03.  I am not receiving large quantities of prizes to give a way.  I will give out the prizes in a fair manner.  That being the case, if the first or second place clan has a large roster, I won't have enough prizes to give something to every member.

All prizes that I receive will be given away.  I have no control over the products or quantities that a sponsor sends.  Please be aware that if your clan wins their might not be enough prizes for all of your team members.  All prizes will be sent to the clan leader.  It is up to this person to decide how the prizes are distributed to their clan.


q3ctf1 - Dueling Keeps                                                                           q3ctf2 - Troubled Waters                                                                      q3ctf3 - The Stronghold


      q3w1 - Bloodlust                                                                             q3w2 - Courtyard Conundrum                                                                q3w3 - Finnegan's Revenge


  q3w4 - Bitter Dungeons                                                                        q3w5 - Gospel Crossings                                                                         q3w7 - City Crossings


  q3wc4 - The Dead Zone                                                                           ospctf1 - White Noise                                                                           ospctf2 - Crossed Paths


q3wcp1 - Japanese Castles                                                                 q3wctf3 Finnegan's Revenge                                                                   q3wcp4 - Schadenfreude




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