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Quake 3 Arena ::  GotRail? 2 vs. 2 iCTF Tourney 07-26-2003

Week #1

team dradle vs. American Instagibers Team 1
atomic vs. Rail Gun Burns Team 2
Way 2 Good vs. Trauma
Railgods vs. ACS
Freaks Wild Railgunz vs. hO's
0m3n vs. Hill Billy Railers
section 8 vs. American Bush
CoRe Team 1 vs. Bondage
Pandora's Box vs. Boondock Saints
MoFo's vs. CoRe Team 2
Rail Gun Burns Team 1 vs. eVocatiOn
Team llama vs. Team Lustrum

The tourney will be a pure double elimination ladder.  Please get with an admin with the time and dates of the matches no later than Tuesday, July 29th.



Quake 3 Arena ::  GotRail? 2 vs. 2 iCTF Tourney 07-22-2003

The 2 vs. 2 ladders are starting in less than a week and we have 16 clans so far.  If anyone is still interested in signing up, come to #gotrail on ETG and let a admin know.  You can always post in the forum.  The ladder will be up by the weekend.




Quake 3 Arena ::  GotRail? 2 vs. 2 iCTF Tourney 07-03-2003

Welcome to the Got Rail? iCTF 2 vs. 2 Tourney hosted by xii.Realm. Updates will be added daily in the forum, on the website and in IRC at #GotRail. July 28th is the starting date for GotRail? 2 vs. 2.

GUID keys are required to play and all players are responsible for turning in GUID keys. All GUID keys must be E-mailed to Clan members MUST wear clan tags during the matches.

Rosters are allowed up to 4 players. Games are allowed one coach and no specs. Once the rosters are locked, you can not add or remove from the roster. July 27th is the last day for roster changes, turning in GUID's and the schedules will be posted Clans are asked to set up matches right away and report them to an admin/ref in #gotrail. July 28th, GotRail? 2 vs. 2 iCTF Tourney starts.
The following information is needed for sign up:
Clan/Group name
IRC room
Leader and Co-Leader name
Website (if any)
E-mail address of Leader and Co-Leader
AIM or MSN name of main contact

The 2 vs. 2 ladder will be a pure double elimination.




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