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Quake 3 Arena ::  GotRail? iCTF 2 vs 2 Tourney 07-01-2003

Welcome to the Got Rail? iCTF 2 vs 2 Tourney hosted by xii.Realm. Updates will be added daily in the forum, on the website and in IRC at #GotRail. July 28th is the starting date for GotRail? 2 vs 2.

July 25th is the last day for sign ups.  July 26th is the last day for roster changes and turning in GUID's.  July 27th, the schedules will be posted.  Clans are asked to set up matches right away and report them to an admin/ref in #gotrail. July 28th, GotRail? 2 vs 2 iCTF Tourney starts.  4 players is the max number allowed on a roster for the 2 vs 2 ladder.  Once the rosters are locked, you can not add or remove from the roster.

Players are responsible for turning in GUID keys.  All GUID keys must be e-mailed to  All clan members must be wearing clan tags during matches.

The following information is needed for sign up:
Clan name
IRC room
Leader and Co-Leader name
E-mail address of Leader and Co-Leader
AIM or MSN name of main contact

A Admin or Referee must be present at every match.  The referees for GotRail? are:
Mayor McCheese
The I

The GotRail? Admins are:
Mayor McCheese

In order to have your GR? match broadcast by GTV, the server you are playing on must have a PB variable set to allow the GTV client to stay connected (since it's technically a 'bot'). This variable is a 'mask' which means it will match as much as possible from left to right.

From PB Server Guide
PB_SV_Specname - If a special spectator client "bot" is used on the server, this setting should hold the player name corresponding to that client so that the PB Server will know this is not a real player; if the player with this name ever has a non-zero score, the "special" status is lost

From PB for Q3A FAQ
How do I set up my PunkBuster server to allow GTV clients? Set the pb_sv_specname PB Setting to the first few letters of the playername used by GTV clients that will connect. That way, the PB Server will keep the connecting GTV clients in SPEC status as long as there is 0 score for that "player". For example, add 'pb_sv_specname GTV' to the pbsv.cfg or pbsvuser.cfg file in the server's home "pb" folder.

So, if a server has 'pb_sv_specname GTV' set, GTV clients with the names 'GTV-NewDome' and 'GTV-Speakeasy' will both be able to stay on the server. If a 3rd GTV client were connected with the name 'MyGTV' it would be kicked after just a few minutes.

Note: 'GTV Client' in this case refers to the GTV server connected as a client to the Q3A server, not to be confused with spectator clients connected to the GTV server itself.



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