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Season Format
Teams will play one match each week for 7 weeks. Teams will play each other once in regular season.Each match week will run Sunday to Saturday of the following week.At the end of week 7, the top 4 clans will go on to the single elimination bracket playoff tournament. Playoff games will be best of 5 and not point based.

Match Format

Each match will require both teams to field 4 players that are on that team's roster. Players playing in the match must be in the match channel prior to the match. Each match will consist of three 20-minute maps, with each team picking one map, and the third map being pre-picked by ]RGi[ Admins. The third map will be played regardless of the outcome of the first two maps. There will be no ties.

Top 4 clans play a single elimination, best of five tournament bracket.

Tie Breaker
During the playoffs,Higher seed will pick map #1,#3,#5 with lower seed picking maps #2 and #5.

Point System

1 point for map win
1 point for map forfeit win
0 point for map loss
0 points for map forfeit loss


Team captains are responsible for contacting their opponents, scheduling their matches in a timely manner and then notifying any of the ]RGi[ admin staff via IRC stating the 2 clans name with the date and time selected ASAP.
Team captains can find all the required information for contacting the other team on the website.


Start Time

15 minutes before the start of the match players join the meeting channel. A simple way to think about it: To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late.


Color / First Map

The higher seeded clan will have their choice of either picking color and which map will be played first. The other team will make the second map choice.



Server selection should start no later than the agreed upon match time. Server selection should take no longer than 15 minutes. If a server cannot be decided on during that period of time the ref will help pick and decide on a server for the match. Both captains have to agree on the server selection. Once the first game of the match is started it will be assumed that both teams have agreed on the server for the duration of the match. Switching servers is not allowed unless extreme conditions(pings).

Warm-up and Starting

The match warm-up period and in between matches time is 5 minutes. After that it is up to the discretion of the referee to auto-ready the teams and start the game. The map timer is reset on map switch and will be used for determining when 5 minutes has passed. Once a match has started, it is expected that all three maps will be played. Player Warm-up should be done before joining the match server and is not a valid reason for delaying the start of a match or map.



All teams and their players are required to record a demo of every match they play.If a player gets disconnected from the game, they are required to continue recording upon reconnection. Any disconnected players that cannot reconnect and have a substitute player come in for them are still required to provide their demo.

type /autorecord in console to start recording or use cg_autoAction 4



Each team is allowed to have one coach and must remain in coach mode until the map has ended. Teams may have more then one coach if both teams agree. Coaches must be listed on that teams roster. No other spectator is allowed on the server except the referee, a shoutcast, and/or authorized GTV. Ref's will pause mid game if there are player(s) that need to be coached.



Player substitutions can be made before and after a map. Player substitution can be made during a map in progress, if a player is having spontaneous connectivity problems or has "crashed" from the server. Illegal player substitutions will result in an automatic map forfeit.



One timeout is allowed to be used by each team for each map.The referee has the power to call only one timeout for a team per a map for team issues.



All teams can have up to 15 players on thier roster.Rosters will lock at start of tournament.



Ringing is not allowed.Teams caught ringing will collect 0 points for all 3 maps that week.


Server Settings

Servers must be running the latest Q3 point release, and latest version of OSP (www.orangesmoothie.com). On most servers you can set the ICTF defaults by issuing the command "callvote INSTAGIB 1" at the Q3 console.

floodprotect 0 (Spamming Binds On)
timelimit 20
capturelimit 0
overtime 0 (Sudden Death ON)
friendlyFire 0
sv_punkbuster "1"

Player Settings

rate must be within 8000-30000
snaps must be 30-100
cl_maxpackets 40-125


Teams cannot exceed 15 players on roster.