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  Q3 Insta ctf Playoffs Team
  Double Elimination (Bracket|Rules)

Quake 3 Insta CTF New Season Team - Double Elimination

    Tournament Rules
Double Elimination Rules

 Two losses, and you're history.
 Winner reports match results on the game "details" page. If you misreport a match (report a win, when you didn't win) you may get a loss for that match.
 If a match is mis-reported, please notify a lan admin as soon as possible.
 There are no forfeits, just wins and losses.
 You have a maximum of 30 members allowed on your roster.

Game Specific Rules

  -General Information-
 Play days are Tuesday,Wedensday,Thursday
Timenudge can not be set lower than -15

-Tournament Goals-
 WIN! :)

Communication Programs
 During the match, both teams must remain silent. No binds may be used outloud or characters that could indicate cheating. Comments on previous play (gg, ns, g1, etc) may be exchanged in between rounds.

Roger Wilco or any voice communication may be used during matches.

Finding a Server
 Teams should always attempt to find a neutral server to play on, unless both prefer a two server match. Should a neutral server not be found after a reasonible effort has been made, you may opt to play a two server match.

In a two server match, each team will play there map on a server of there choice. If either 20 minute round ends in a tie, you must go into overtime to break the tie.(take a screenshot!)

Playing the Game
 You will play best of 3. min. 4v4
20 minutes per map
Each team selects 1 map. Tie-Breaker will be selected randomly.
Do Not Choose q3wcp3 it is no longer avilable in this tourney.

Roster Substitutions
 Player Substitution is allowed in matches if a player times out from the server or has a bad ping. In the case a player times out of the server another player from the same team may join if possible until that player comes back. You may substitute between maps to give your players more field time.

Server Settings
 Pure Server
Q3 Latest Point release (1.32PunkBuster)
Q3 OSP 1.01 Tourney Mod At www.orangesmoothie.org
Railgun only (Instagib)

 The XTGL will stand for NO poor sportsmanship under any circumstances. You are playing a game and it should be fun. If you feel you are being taken advantage of or the other team is not following the rules follow these steps: 1. Log on and report an attempt forfeit 2. Email admin assigned to your ladder explaining the situation. If proof is produced that a team has cheated or acted in an immature manner (even a cursing session) they will be suspended immediately and may be removed from our ladder. Internet gaming is evolving into a true sport at such a rapid pace there is no room for immaturity!

Tournament Admins
 The tournament admins are not required to watch your matches. We feel that the clans do not wish to be baby sited and so we have enough faith to let the clans handle the matches on there own, however if you are having problems please try to settle them your self before coming to the admin. The Admins are usually forced to make decisions that would end up upsetting one team or another and to keep this from happening try to solve problems on your own first.
Tournament admins reserve the right to sit in on any match for any reason.
Any disrespect to a ladder admin will mean suspension or expulsion to the team or player who it started from.