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Server:Rail Wars iCTF - CHICAGO -
IP: (pass: asdf)
IRC:#railwars on irc.enterthegame.com
iCTF Archive:railwars.site.nfoservers.com
Contact:decebaal [at] yahoo [dot] com
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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Grenade Launcher geaux zenith
Best Accuracy with Lightning gun geaux zenith
Best Accuracy with Machine gun meruem
Best Accuracy with Plasma gun meruem
Best Accuracy with Rail gun llama
Best Accuracy with Rocket Launcher E
Best Accuracy with Shot gun Dev!l
Best Overall Accuracy llama
Best Killer with Gauntlet Bush
Best Killer with Grenade Launcher Dev!l
Best Killer with Lightning gun geaux zenith
Best Killer with Machine gun meruem
Best Killer with Plasma gun Simple-Rule[RaV]
Best Killer with Rail gun llama
Best Killer with Rocket Launcher meruem
Best Killer with Shot gun meruem
Best Killer with Telefrag E
Best Defender Simple-Rule[RaV]
Best FC Killer Simple-Rule[RaV]
Best Flag Capper E
Best Flag Picker geaux zenith
Best Flag Retriever Simple-Rule[RaV]
Best Supporter E
Hall of Shame
Highest Death Streak Prof.Farnsworth
Lava Lover geaux zenith
Most Crushed -thc-(cZ)
Most Humiliated Bush
Most Often Killed Dev!l
Most Suicidal Brolli
Most Telefragged <I:D|/=<
Mega Man geaux zenith
Quad Whore Simple-Rule[RaV]
Best Efficiency llama
Best Killer meruem
Highest Kill Streak Dev!l
Award Listing for Most suicidal (top 100)
#Player Name Suicides   Games   Suicide ratio 
1Brolli513 173 2.97
2<I:D|/=<199 68 2.93
3Dr.Zoidberg145 70 2.07
4Decebaal979 732 1.34
5geaux zenith186 140 1.33
6ft.shadow214 198 1.08
7E274 265 1.03
8dodo137 147 0.93
9-thc-(cZ)38 80 0.48
10Fez26 91 0.29
11Dev!l183 785 0.23
12hockalugie23 132 0.17
13llama23 234 0.10
14meruem2 295 0.01
15Been Jammin'1 130 0.01
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