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Server:Rail Wars iCTF - CHICAGO -
IP: (pass: asdf)
IRC:#railwars on irc.enterthegame.com
iCTF Archive:railwars.site.nfoservers.com
Contact:decebaal [at] yahoo [dot] com
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Award Stats
Awards List
Best Accuracy with Rail gun Dev!l
Best Killer with Gauntlet Stinkbutt McBeardface
Best Killer with Rail gun SR-[RaV]
Best Killer with Telefrag Stinkbutt McBeardface
Best Defender SR-[RaV]
Best FC Killer SR-[RaV]
Best Flag Capper Been Jammin'
Best Flag Picker Been Jammin'
Best Flag Retriever SR-[RaV]
Best Supporter Dev!l
Hall of Shame
Highest Death Streak Prof.Farnsworth
Lava Lover Been Jammin'
Most Humiliated Dr.Zoidberg
Most Often Killed SR-[RaV]
Most Suicidal Prof.Farnsworth
Most Telefragged Zapp
Best Efficiency Stinkbutt McBeardface
Best Killer SR-[RaV]
Highest Kill Streak Dr.Zoidberg

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