November 13, 2003

NRiCTF Season 1 Champs: Pandora's Box

Yes yes, very exciting and intense games indeed. Definitely a nail-biter from start to finish as Pandora's Box walk out with a well deserved and earned title, faces painted with pride and all that fuzzy feeling stuff. Match results can be found on the NRiCTF website. I managed to shag Pee Box right after the game and get in a quick interview while they were fresh on their thoughts from their overwelming big W. Read on...

shecksy - What are your initial first reactions after this match?

p[]-uR - "whew"
p[]-Gizhost - hah
p[]-MaC - man of few words
p[]-uR - :D
p[]-MaC - is 'whew' even a word?

p[]-MaC - The first thing i thought was how glad i was we pulled thru on the tiebreaker.

p[]-Gizhost - We were hyped up for the 3rd map it was feeling good everything clicked tonight and we came through :D

p[]-DunE - my first reaction was that it all made perfect sense. and i really think it did given our experiences :)
p[]-DunE - as players


shecksy - Obviously you are very happy about the win but is there anything you wish you had done better or differently either team-wise or individually?

p[]-Gizhost - I wish Mac would have given me that kiss good luck before the match but he aint into that

p[]-DunE - i wish i hadn't been playing star wars galaxies 24/7 for the last 2 weeks. but then i remembered that i like star wars galaxies. and then i didn't feel so bad anymore.


shecksy - Any comments on your opponents competition, did you find them a difficult bunch to defeat?

p[]-MaC - They had a killer game on q3wcp14
p[]-MaC - i was cursing Cold's holy name :)

p[]-uR - cp14 they had locked down tight, they had it together all 20 minutes

p[]-Gizhost - I was echoing what mac said for that special effects

p[]-DunE - wcp14 was a great show. we had to work very hard for our win on that map. it was really fun too. i think i could relive that moment over and over for a long time. thanks for the superb competition, pL. i'm glad you guys formed a clan as u have done, it's for the best :)


shecksy - Do you really think I'm gonna give you my nudies as a prize?

p[]-MaC - I find that highly improbable.
p[]-MaC - to my dismay :(

p[]-Gizhost - well ya know
p[]-Gizhost - I dunno
p[]-Gizhost - that would make you a liar
p[]-Gizhost - kinda

p[]-MaC - is there something we don't know about?


shecksy - How would you like SeVeN's nudies instead?

* p[]-Gizhost would rather run and cower in a corner LOL!

p[]-MaC - I live near SeVeN, that would make our next lan kinda awkward :)


shecksy - Do you think you deserve this title?

* p[]-MaC puts on his "p[]-ride" cap
p[]-MaC - Yes, i think we do :)

p[]-DunE - if i didn't think that i wouldn't be here
p[]-DunE - giz's silence means no :D

p[]-Gizhost - Im with mac
p[]-Gizhost - I was thinking hard seriously


shecksy - If you could pass the title onto someone else in this tourny, who would it be and why?

p[]-DunE - i would give my title to nmX b/c sipa is my mother and that's only fitting.

p[]-Gizhost - Id give it to nmx but they have that gay guy Vile hmmmmm.....ok give it to em

p[]-DunE - i also think they're the only ones that have the team concept down well enough to take such a title

p[]-MaC - i think i'd give it to mod, just cuz i like them :)

shecksy - lol!
shecksy - aww that's sweet mac
shecksy - =P

p[]-MaC - erm
* p[]-MaC blushes
p[]-Gizhost - feelings pffft who needs them


shecksy - I worked 2 hours on THIS.. could've been better..
shecksy - but I hope you like it

p[]-MaC - SWEET :)
p[]-DunE - noice
p[]-DunE - how'd u know we'd win? :D
* p[]-Gizhost virus alert goes off
p[]-MaC - that's my new website background :)
p[]-DunE - is this like newspapers?
p[]-KoDaK - i thought i was the only one making gifs and jpgs gina o= :P
p[]-DunE - woot thanks, shex
p[]-MaC - hey
p[]-MaC - can i be that guy carrying the flag on the left?
p[]-Gizhost - yes ty
p[]-MaC - giz can be the one on the right
p[]-DunE - can i be the floor that giz and mac walk on?
p[]-Gizhost - Im the guy in the base tapping his toe waiting for nudies


shecksy - Any shoutouts or final thoughts on NRiCTF in general?

p[]-DunE - i'd like to give a shout out to my mom. and to saddam wherever he is. and he shoudl be glad wars are not done in q3 b/c his ass would be grass!

p[]-Gizhost - OK I expect to see this on CTF zone
p[]-Gizhost - and when do the checks come?
p[]-DunE - yes wire the funds to my bank please
shecksy - I'll wire seven's nudies
p[]-Gizhost - haha
p[]-Gizhost - a fate worse than death

p[]-Gizhost - Id like to give a shout out
p[]-Gizhost - to every one
p[]-Gizhost - that didnt make this possible
p[]-Gizhost - you guys deserve it
p[]-Gizhost - thanks for the view shecks

p[]-DunE - I'd like to thank all the refs again for all their time and effort. And also to the tournament admins and everyoen else invovled. Thanks!!
p[]-DunE - oh and to all the clans too!!!!!!!!

p[]-Gizhost - yes thanks for the tourney maybe we can get it set up at a better time next season and really have some fun!

shecksy - congrats again
shecksy - well deserved title
shecksy - and well played games tonight

p[]-DunE - ty shex



detective-cold\c - sheck i hope ur like "omg cold owned vs p[]" lol"

SBK|Gabriel - no, shecks should right an article about the significance for the phrase "Brrrr, it's getting gay in here......"

God, who knows.... I just might ;)

Anyhoo, that about wraps it all up. Congratulations to Pandora's Box and great games to our runner up, Pure Logic. I also wanna give a big thanks to our friends from Short Bus Kids Radio who provided shoutcasting and GTV throughout the season for our games... it's muchly appriciated! Also on behalf of dalvian, a fantabulous thanks goes out to all my slutty staff for NRiCTF! Prong, naKed, SeVeN, rezin, sipa (I haven't forgotten aout you!), uRGONE and z1m! I love you guys! =D

Whether or not there will be a second season of NRiCTF is still undecided as of yet. If you people stop being major pains in the asses then it will be much more probable! =D and omg my cat just sneezed all over me and there's goop on my keyboard so I think I'll say bye bye for now!


<3 shecksy

Posted by shecksy at November 13, 2003 12:49 AM

I just shat myself in excitement.

Posted by: fjord on November 13, 2003 12:52 AM

Salem has a cold. :<

Posted by: dalvian on November 13, 2003 01:00 AM

CONGRATS p[]!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: p[]-gABRIEL on November 13, 2003 08:29 AM

Gabe you are p[] so congrats :D GGz pL

Posted by: p[]-Gizhost on November 13, 2003 09:23 AM

yeah but he wasn't there... hockey was > nrictf finals. I cry now! hehe.

Posted by: shecksy on November 13, 2003 11:50 AM

I got credit as being a ref!

Shittiest ref ever!

Thanks to all the clans that participated, and congrats to p[]!

Posted by: z1m on November 13, 2003 12:29 PM

was rigged sorry

Posted by: cold on November 13, 2003 03:01 PM

Congrats p[]!! You've earned it all. :D p[]-Mac, thanks man, I feel the love. :) Giz, you've been a bad boy, so no nudies for you, lol. :P But yeah, great job p[], you guys played well. *pL* better luck next time, you guys put up a great fight. The match was definitely wonderful & intense. Every bit of it.

shecksy, you're welcome. I'm your bitch, but you knew that already. :P Seriuosly tho, thanks for giving me the chance to ref for you. It's a pleasure...always. :D Also, Thanks to everyone that was a part of this tourney, and a special thanks goes to dalvian, shecksy & Loki for making such tourney possible.

Much love to all of you <3

Posted by: SeVeN on November 13, 2003 05:03 PM

we didnt need luck , tourney was obviously rigged =) ask miserable

Posted by: cold on November 13, 2003 06:55 PM

gj pee box but pL still swans, they should do the finals like the world seris 7 games because i think pL has a little more life in them !LO!L

Posted by: keen on November 13, 2003 07:57 PM

mis's opinion is invalid, he thinks everything is rigged!!! =P

Posted by: shecksy on November 13, 2003 08:01 PM

Way to take a loss with some dignity, eh.

brrr, it's getting about time for someone to stfu and gtfo.

Posted by: dalvian on November 14, 2003 02:50 AM