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DunE   (website html)
Dev!l   (voodoo stats)
Hockalugie   (server cfgs)
edein   (discord bot)
Pre5to   (server motd)
DEFIANCE   (website gfx)

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MaLLoc   (1.5gb)
DunE   (500mb)
dom   (500mb)
stownr   (500mb)
Hockalugie   (500mb)
Gixhost   (500mb)
sn.@.ch   (500mb)
tin   (500mb)
eLementX   (500mb)
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Ktonk   (500mb)
DEFIANCE   (500mb)
d1zord3r   (500mb)
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o_O (fluxbox)   (500mb)

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Each referral increases available space by 500mb for both parties and is much appreciated and needed. If you'd like to donate
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Also, if you were a part of the Q3iCTF OSP community and have anything to contribute to this archive (tournament screenshots,
demos, voodoo stats, shoutcasts, saved tournament/clan websites/logos/banners/urls, etc), we'd very much like to hear from you.
Drop by #railwars on ETG (irc.enterthegame.com) or on Discord (https://discord.gg/yVzgeXr) or email decebaal AT yahoo DOT com.

[updated: 2019-05-07]